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Best Hair Extensions Brands in the USA & Canada in 2023

Best Hair Extensions Brands in the USA & Canada in 2023

Hair extensions are a great way to make your hairstyle more voluminous, long, and beautiful. Modern techniques of extended strands fixation allow making any changes in the hairstyle as natural and invisible to others as possible, and the process of wearing comfortable and safe for health.

Of course, this procedure is quite expensive. That is why it is so important to find the best hair extensions brand in 2023, which is perfect for your hairstyle. 

It is quite challenging to find high-quality hair. Almost all the best professional hair extension brands sell extensions made of Asian or Indian hair. So, there are many high-rated brands for hair extensions whose products can be a bad choice for your hair type. Let’s try to find the best brands for buying hair extensions, whose products you will be 100% satisfied with.

This information will be useful for both customers who are seeking to buy hair extensions, and hair stylists who are looking for a reliable supplier for future cooperation.

TOP 7 Popular Brands of Hair Extensions in North America

Analyzing this beauty market, we have identified 7 best brands of human hair extensions, which are in demand not only in the USA and Canada but worldwide:

  • BELLAMI Hair

One of the most well-known brands, offering 100% Remy human hair, and also quality synthetic hair.  You can choose any weight, color, and length. On the website of the company, you can buy long-length clip-ins, ponytails, bangs, tape-in, and fusion extensions.

  • Glam Seamless

High-quality natural bundles that are well suited for medium-density hair. This brand is often mentioned along with Bellami, but has more affordable prices.

Here you can also order machine wefts, ponytails, keratin bonds, and clip-ins. However, the most popular product of the brand is tape-ins.

  • Luxy Hair

Unlike the previous two brands, this company offers a more limited range of products: classic clip-ins, clip-in ponytails, and halo extensions. It is one of the best brands of real hair extensions with a wide selection of shades and colors.

Luxyhair is considered one of the favorite Celebrity hair extensions brands when it comes to temporary hair extensions.

  • I Love Slavic Hair

The best human hair extensions brand, which offers hand-made hair extensions made out of authentic Slavic hair: virgin hair, dyed Russian and European hair of different structures, colors and length.

The brand specializes in selling bulk hair as well as keratin fusions, hand-tied wefts, and machine wefts. You can also order custom clip-ins made of Slavic hair according to your specifications.

It is the only brand that offers virgin Slavic hair (baby hair) featuring the thinnest hair texture that works for those with fine natural hair. Also, custom manufacturing allows tailoring hair extensions to your needs, including the size of keratin bonds.  
  • Zala Hair

This brand mainly specializes in clip-in and tape-in extensions. Ponytails, halo extensions and weft bundles are also available here.

Although the company uses Remy hair, customers often complain about insufficiently durable hair extension holders.

  • Perfect Locks

The products of the brand are hair collected from donors in India. It is important to note that such hair has quite a thick texture making the hair extensions heavier. Therefore, it works well for those with naturally thick and dense hair.

In the range of this company, you can buy hair of different shades, prepared for permanent extension methods: beaded, machine and hand-tied wefts, keratin bonds, and tape-ins.

  • Canada Hair

The company sells natural and synthetic hair.

Here you will find one of the biggest selections of fixation options on the market.

There are tape-ins, sew-ins, fusions, micro-loops, and nano-rings in the category of permanent or semi-permanent extensions. Here you can also buy clip-ins, ponytails, wigs, toppers, and invisible wire extensions.

The company positions itself in a low-price segment, so you can expect to get what you pay for.

Now you have a general idea of the best brands of human hair extensions. Let’s dwell in more detail on what is worth ordering, depending on your needs.

Best Fusion Hair Extensions Brands

K-tip hair extensions are considered one of the most popular modern extension methods.

This method of fixing strands is suitable for almost all clients, almost invisible in the hairstyle, and if installed by following the technique is not harmful to the health of curls.

Wondering what are the top hair extensions brands offering fusions?

Among all the companies we have highlighted 4 whose products regularly receive positive feedback from their customers:

  1. BELLAMI Hair
  2. Glam Seamless
  3. I Love Slavic Hair
  4. Perfect Locks

They are good hair extension brands offering high-quality hair.

Customers were satisfied with the quality of the keratin used for bonding the strands, as well as with the wearing time of the hairstyle.

When purchasing pre-bonded extensions on the site of one of these top hair extension companies, you will surely be satisfied with your hair extensions!

You can learn more about the sizes of keratin tips available in this blog.

Best Hand-tied Hair Extensions Brands

If you prefer sew-ins, you can find them on the websites of the following companies:

  1. I Love Slavic Hair
  2. Glam Seamless
  3. Canada Hair

Glam Seamless and Canada Hair offer machine wefts. These wefts are made on a special machine and are more coarse and heavy than hand-tied ones.

We recommend hand-tied wefts: they are very comfortable and are not felt in wearing. You can find such wefts at I Love Slavic Hair.

On the I Love Slavic website you can choose and buy a hair bundle you like and order a custom hand-tied weft manufacturing accordingly to the provided specifications (the quantity and the width of each weft needed). 

Best Clip-in Hair Extensions Brands

If you don’t want to make permanent hair extensions, then you should apply for clip-ins. The strands are fixed with small clips that are invisible among the natural hair. Their installation takes no more than 10 minutes.

You can use them for a birthday, a wedding, a holiday or any other occasion when you want to change your hairstyle.

Among all brands such products are offered by:

  1. Luxy Hair is the top seller, specializing in temporary extensions and offering the largest choice of such products in the market.
  2. Zala is another company where you can buy clip-ins. We can not vouch for their reliability and durability: some customers noted that clips can slide.
  3. I Love Slavic Hair is a company where you can order custom-made clip-ins taking into account all your wishes. Also, here you can order clip-ins made out of premium-quality virgin or dyed Slavic hair that will be a good fit for those with fine natural hair.

In addition, clip-in extensions can be bought on the BELLAMI hair and Glam Seamless websites. However, this type of extension is more popular among the first three brands.

Best Tape-in Hair Extensions Brands

Here, Glam Seamless is the absolute leader, with the main focus on selling the tape-ins. 

The products of this brand are made out of 100% Remy human hair, double-drawn and installed on tape of professional quality.

If installed properly, the tapes can be worn for 8-12 weeks and reused up to 3 times. Keep in mind that this type ofextension is quite noticeable in the hairstyle, so it is not suitable for thin hair or short haircut.

Best Hair Extensions Brands for Blonde Hair

Finding the right shade of blond is not an easy task. The fact is that the hair prepared for extension undergoes a certain treatment, which should not damage the quality of the curls. Hair lightening is not the most gentle procedure for hair.

That is why it is worth buying the bundles only from proven brands that make processing and coloring according to all current quality standards.

For example, Glam Seamless can help you choose the desired shade of strands via FaceTime.

On the I Love Slavic Hair site, you will find the widest choice of blonde shades of different hair structures and textures. Colors include cold blonde, platinum and icy blonde, which almost all blondes dream of!

The motto of BELLAMI «Beautiful me». They will do everything to make you feel beautiful! Consultants of the company will help you choose the desired shade of blonde. For example, the shades Ash blonde and brown dirty blonde are very popular among lovers of the natural palette. There are also colors like platinum, pearl, beige, etc.

Best Brand of Curly Hair Extensions

Curly hair extensions with natural waves are really hard to find. However, consultants at I Love Slavic Hair can help their customers find virgin or dyed hair with naturally wavy or curly structures!

Such products are represented under the virgin Slavic and Russian hair lineups. Under the European hair category, there are bundles with an artificial wave: the hair was given this shape using long-term perming methods. 

You can buy bulk hair or hair prepared for one of the following extension methods:

  • k-tip extensions
  • clip-ins
  • hand-tied
  • machine wefts.

Also, curly hair can be purchased on the website: there are both curly and wavy or textured hair prepared for different extension methods: clip-ins, halo, or ponytails.

Black Hair Extensions Best Brands

Looking for good-quality black hair? Then you need products from Perfect Locks and Canada Hair brands.

At the Perfect Locks online store, you can buy black hair, which is perfect for natural brunettes.

Canada Hair offers a wide range of intense black shades: Jet Black, Black Brown, etc.

Best Premium Hair Extensions Brand in North America

Looking for the best hair extensions brand to buy from? Then pay attention to the range of products at the I Love Slavic Hair. This company is a hair supplier from Ukraine.

  • They offer high-quality hair collected from donors and rigorously checked for quality. Such products are safe for health and the most comfortable to wear!
  • Great selection of Slavic, Russian and European hair of different textures, colors and lengths.
  • You can order both single and double-drawn hair extensions.
  • It is the only online store in North America where you can buy hair extensions for fine hair.
  • If you are seeking individual products tailored to your needs, you can order custom-made hair extensions from Russian or virgin Slavic hair.
  • The product price justifies its impeccable quality.
  • They offer color matching by the provided picture(s) of your hair color in the daylight.
  • The possibility to order hair in bulk.
  • Prompt delivery of your orders in the USA and Canada. Worldwide shipping is also available.

All these make I Love Slavic Hair one of the best places to buy hair extensions!