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European Hair

Double-drawn 100% Remy human hair extensions

Red Remy Wavy Hair

USD $153.90

Ombre Remy Wavy Hair

USD $165.16

Balayage Remy Hair

USD $165.16

Ombre Remy Hair

USD $165.16

Black Remy Hair

USD $142.64

Light Red Remy Hair

USD $146.39

Blue Remy Hair

USD $142.64

Violet Remy Hair

USD $142.64

Brown #8 Remy Hair

USD $146.39

Best quality-price ratio

Best quality-price ratio

Not processed with a silicone

Not processed with a silicone

Ombre options available

Ombre options available

Thick hair structure

Thick hair structure

Hair can be dyed

Hair can be dyed

Lifespan up to 9 months

Lifespan up to 9 months

European hair extensions feature thick and evenly hair structure, with gorgeous length and a solid choice of shades.

This type of natural hair is ideal for women whose own hair has a dense texture. With proper care, European hair extensions will complement your own hair nicely and last you really long.

We offer double-drawn European hair coming in bundles or prepared for fusion hair extensions.

What Are European Hair Extensions?

European hair extensions are an ideal solution for those looking for more density and volume. Varying in length from 50 to 95 cm (20-38 inches), this hair is sourced across South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, China) and is delicately colored in accordance with strict European standards. That’s why it is called European hair.

As a result, you get quality Remy hair extensions that look great and feel natural. For detailed information about Remy human hair, please check out our blog.

Please note: when you’re choosing hair extensions, one of the most important factors is your own hair type. 

If your hair is soft and has never been dyed, you should go with virgin Slavic hair.

Those who have soft, dyed hair, might benefit from choosing Russian hair.

Key Advantages of European Human Hair Extensions

✓High quality

We offer 100% natural human hair that undergoes strict quality control. We never use aggressive chemicals or silicon to process our hair extensions. To ensure proper quality and guarantee the ultimate customer satisfaction, we make sure that every set of extensions is properly packed with all the cuticles facing the right way so your bundles will never tangle.

✓ Long-lasting

If looked after properly, European hair extensions will last you really long without losing their original beauty.

✓ Dense texture and amazing length

This type of hair extensions features some really dense-textured hair and rich volume. It’s not uncommon to come across amazingly long hair, which is a real rarity!  

✓ Double-drawn

All of the European hair extensions that you can order from I Love Slavic Hair are double drawn, which helps to remove shorter hairs, achieve evenly thick ends and bring out the natural, healthy gloss.

✓ Sleek, natural gloss

When choosing European hair extensions, you know you’re getting that undeniably attractive natural look for your hairstyle. Complete with a sleek, healthy gloss, these extensions are guaranteed to make everyone around you turn their heads and watch your beautiful hair play.

Remy Human Hair Extensions by I Love Slavic Hair

➔ 100% natural remy hair extensions

When you’re using good-quality hair extensions, you don’t even feel they’re there since they blend in and match your own hair perfectly. That’s exactly the type of feeling we would like you to experience with our European hair extensions.

To achieve this seamless blend, all the bundles are processed, packed and drawn by hand. Every piece of hair has to go through a delicate, non-silicon disinfection process, which allows us to preserve the original texture. This also helps to make strands more elastic and easier to style.

For more tips on hair extension care, please see our blog.

➔ 15 popular shades

This type of hair extensions features 15 popular shades, including jet-black and cold blonde. The texture is exclusively straight.

European hair extensions can be easily colored. However, please note that with time, the color may lose its original intensity and shift one tone down.

If you haven’t found the color you were looking for, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you in finding the right shade.

To ensure the best possible quality, our products are colored using soft European technologies. We do not recommend DIY coloring since it can reduce the service life of your hair extensions. Please consider using the services of a professional hair colorist.

➔ Work great with any type of hair extension

We offer pre-bonded European hair extensions. Our European fusion hair extensions come with colored keratin bonds to match the tone of your own hair. The average number of capsules per 100 grams is 150 pieces. The exact number depends on the length you choose.

If you’re purchasing bulk European hair, you can prepare them for any type of hair extensions:

  • Fusion hair extensions
  • Tape-in hair extensions
  • Sew in hair extensions: hand-tied and machine wefts
  • Clip-in hair extensions that are ideal for quick styling.

The minimum purchase amount is 100 grams. The final price may vary depending on color, length, weight, and other factors.

Best Quality Remy Hair Extensions Supplier in Canada, USA, Australia and the UK

If you are looking for a reliable 100% real Remy human hair extensions supplier who can offer a wide choice of quality products, you’ve just found one - I Love Slavic Hair!

  1. We guarantee the ultimate customer satisfaction
    Being a direct supplier of European hair extensions, we process all of our products in strict accordance with European health and safety regulations. This is the only way to ensure the best possible quality for our clients.
  2. We ship worldwide
    I Love Slavic Hair is the leading supplier of European hair extensions to Canada, USA, Australia and the UK. We are trusted by popular beauty salons, hair extension stylists, and thousands of individual customers.
    We can deliver your order door-to-door to almost any country. If your country is not on the list on our Checkout page, please shoot us an email at for shipping details and costs.
  3. European hair extensions wholesale
    It’s always a pleasure working with wholesale customers. If you happen to be one, please follow this link for more details. 

With more than 5 years of experience in hair extensions and hair beauty, we are always ready to help choose the product that matches your taste and budget.

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