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Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

In order, to do hair extensions for thin hair that look beautiful and do not damage your natural strands, it is important to know how to choose the best hair extensions for thin hair.

Not every bundle is suitable for extensions for thin hair. That is why there is a belief that thin hair and extensions are incompatible. 

The thing is, that soft, thinned strands just can’t hold much weight. As a result, it leads to damage or even loss of your natural hair.

However, all this can be avoided if you know which type of hair to choose. Read in our article all the information about the best hair extensions for thin hair.

Are Hair Extensions Bad for Thin Hair?

If the extensions procedure is done correctly, there should be no problem. 

Problems arise when:

  • Hair stylist uses too large bonds while doing fusion hair extensions. For thin hair, it is better to use micro bonds. By the way, they can help to achieve the effect of invisible hair extensions for thin hair, so that no one will guess that you wear extensions.
  • Hair technician applied inappropriate type of hair, such as heavy Asian hair, which has a more dense structure. Such strands will be visible among natural hair and create too much tension on the roots.
  • The stylist has used too many strands (the structure of the hair can be suitable, but their weight is too heavy). In this case, a heavy weight can weaken the hair roots. So, if we are talking about thin strands, the best option is lightweight hair extensions.
  • Hair technician is bad at the extensions technique or does not follow it correctly. Because of this, many customers doubt if hand-tied extensions are good for thin hair. Hand-tied extensions allow you to delicately change your style, giving it the desired length and volume. The same can be said about keratin bonded extensions. Both of these techniques, if properly done, are safe for the health of your fine hair. 

To avoid all this, I Love Slavic Hair advises: 

  1. Decide whether you can do hair extensions. If your thin hair tends to break or fall out, then the extensions cannot be done!
  2. Find a hair technician who knows the nuances of work with soft thinned hair.
  3. Choose the right hair structure.

Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Looking for the best hair extensions for fine hair? 

We at I Love Slavic Hair recommend virgin Slavic hair extensions - premium quality hair, which is perfect for soft and thin curls; and also for those with uncoloured natural hair.  

TOP-5 Advantages of Slavic Hair


Thin structure and light weight of Slavic hair extensions will not cause too much stress on the roots, so you will not feel any discomfort in wearing.

Such bundles are considered the least damaging hair extensions for fine hair throughout the market: with them, your natural hair will be safe and sound!

Safe for natural hair

It is one of the best types of hair extensions for thin hair, which undergoes delicate treatment, excluding the use of aggressive chemicals. Thanks to this, it is possible to preserve the natural state of hair cuticles. You will get not only the most beautiful, soft and silky strands, but also you can be 100% sure that such products will be safe for your health!

Any style you wish

You can style your hair the way you like it: curl or straighten, braid or high tail. Such styling will not interfere with the usual way of life: you can, as before, exercise, go to work or parties, swim in the pool and be sure that you always look perfect.

Long lifespan

Such hair will serve you more than 1 year with regular reapplication procedures and proper care.

Natural look

You can choose hair color and structure close to your natural strands. Thanks to this you will get the result you have always dreamed about.

The thickness of these hairs is medium to low, so this option is suitable for those who want to try hair extensions for very fine thin hair.

In addition, you can buy uncolored bundles that are ideal for those with natural hair color! In this case, each time you get a unique product of a unique shade.

Of course, these are not all the advantages of virgin human hair extensions. 

Read this article to know more about the features of such hair.

Trust I Love Slavic Hair: We know how to choose authentic Slavic hair and will gladly help you pick out what will suit best your hairstyle!

Baby Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Baby Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

When choosing the right material for thin hair, many customers have probably heard of baby hair extensions. It is soft, undyed hair that is often used for hair extensions for very fine thin hair. All baby Slavic hair, presented in our online store, is collected from children in Ukraine.

For whom it will be perfect:

  • Those who want to do hair extensions in the areas where natural hair is most thinned: for example, bangs or temples.
  • Clients who make hair extensions for very thin hair and they can not use heavy-weight and structure-different strands.

3 Best Hair Extensions Methods for Thin Hair

Not every technique is safe for natural hair and suitable for thin soft strands. 

I Love Slavic Hair recommends the following best hair extension method for thin hair:

  1. Micro fusion extensions for thin hair. This is one of the most delicate methods to change your hairstyle. In comparison, standard fusions hair extensions use rice-grain sized bonds (1 gram per strand). For micro fusions the bonds of smaller size (0.6-0.8 grams per strand) are used. Due to this small size, the load on the strands is reduced - and that makes it a perfect option for those with soft thin curls!
    fusion hair extensions for fine hair
  2. Hand-tied extensions are also great for thin hair, because they do not damage your hair. First, sew-in extensions are done without tapes, glue and high temperatures, which can be damaging factors for natural hair. Second, hand-tied wefts are manufactured according to your needs. And third, they are 60% thinner than machine wefts, so they are great for thin hair.
    hand-tied weft hair extensions for fine hair
  3. Clip-in hair extensions are the best for thin hair. Strands are attached to your natural hairstyle by means of small clips. You can do such styling for a party or any event and take it off as soon as you return home. Due to this, the risk of damage is virtually nil, as you do not wear extensions permanently.
    clip-in hair extensions for fine hair

By contacting I Love Slavic Hair, you can order the production of custom clip-ins from virgin Slavic hair on individual parameters and taking into account all your wishes.

How to Apply Hair Extensions to Thin Hair?

To door fusions or hand-tied weft extensions, you need to find an experienced hair technician who knows how to hide hair extensions in thin hair.

The process of fusions extensions is as follows:

  1. The stylist makes the markup - a scheme by which they will do the extensions.
  2. The strands are fixed with keratin bonds. As a rule, the process starts at the back of the head with a gradual transition to temples and head top. 
  3. Hair extensions are hidden under your natural strands, thanks to this the hairstyle looks absolutely natural.

Hand-tied wefts are done as follows:

  1. A thin braid is done around the head.
  2. A hand-made weft is sewn in the braid.

Both of these hair extensions methods are good for short thin hair. The only condition is that your haircut should not be shorter than 3-4 inches (7-10 cm).

Clip-in hair extensions are considered the best for fine hair. You can remove and put on extended strands whenever you want.

Now we’ll tell you how to put in clip-in hair extensions for thin hair:

  1. Open the clips;
  2. Decide where your strands will be located: they need to be covered with natural hair;
  3. Fasten them close to the roots and make the hairstyle as you planned. Done!

The whole procedure usually takes no more than 5 minutes.

Things You Should Never Do Applying Hair Extensions on Thin Hair

Tape-ins VS machine wefts VS microbead microloop hair extensions

You may have heard of such extension techniques as tape-ins, machine wefts and microbead/microloop.

If you are going to make hair extensions on thin hair, these methods are definitely not your option, and here’s why:

  • Tapes are attached to your own hair on the principle of sandwich: natural hair inside, and tapes on top and bottom. This is not only more noticeable, especially on thin strands, but also creates an additional load.
  • Microbead/microloop is often positioned as one of the safest ways to change your hairstyle. In fact, this is not always the case. The locks are fixed by metal loops. This greatly weakens the roots, as the metal increases the weight of the entire hairstyle.
  • Machine wefts are made on a special machine, not by hand like hand-tied weft extensions on thin hair. Since the apparatus on which the weft is sewn can not capture a thin strand, it turns out heavier and rougher.
  • Keratin bond extensions with the use of too large bonds can also harm your natural hair.

Please select other hair extensions on thin fine hair that we recommended earlier in the article!

How to Take Care of Thin Hair Extensions?

In addition to the hair extensions for thin short or long hair, it is important to choose the right care.

Let’s start with the head wash:

  • We recommend using warm water, ideally standing right under the shower. This is especially true for thin hair fusion hair extensions, as it will help extend the lifespan of bonds.
  • Consult with your hairstylist, about which shampoo best suits your hair type. 
  • Also, choose a suitable conditioner and mask. By the way, they cannot be applied to the places bonds/braid attachment. Use conditioner at every wash, and mask - once a week.

Hair drying:

  • Do not dry the extensions naturally - wet locks are much weaker because of their weight. Use the hair dryer, but avoid too high temperatures.
  • Do not work with hot air and do not hold the hair dryer too close to the bonds.
  • Always apply thermal protection, before using the hairdryer.

Combing is an important care step for thin hair permanent hair extensions:

  • This beauty procedure should be done after waking up, during the day and do not forget to comb before bed. Also, the locks must be combed before washing the head.
  • Direction of combing: from the tips - up, to the roots. Do it as carefully as possible, so as not to pull out the extended strands together with natural hair.
  • Choose a hair extensions brush that will gently untangle the curls and give them a healthy silky look.

In addition, you should also have silk scrunchies. Silk accessories minimize the damage to your hair: they prevent tangles, help to keep hair moisturized, they are traceless and comfortable for everyday use. 

You can also buy silk pillowcases: with them, your hair will look silky and beautiful every day!

Do Hair Extensions Cause Thinning Hair? 

Worried about can extensions cause hair thinning?

Stress, malnutrition, health problems and heredity often lead to hair thinning. However, extensions can also be a damaging factor for your hair.

If you notice that your previously healthy and strong hair is so thin after extensions, the reasons may be the following:

  • You used too much hair, which provoked a hair loss (due to the heavy weight of the extended strands);
  • For fusion hair extensions: the stylist installed the bonds improperly (too close to the roots), 
  • For sew-in hair extensions: the stylist made a too tight braid, which also led to thinning of the curls.

How to understand that the extensions are improperly done:

  • For fusion hair extensions: the bonds are too tight and tingle as they are installed too close to the scalp.
  • For sew-in hair extensions: the braid provokes redness and itching of the scalp, as well as a strong tension of the curls.
  • If the procedure is done correctly, then all these unpleasant feelings should pass 3 days after, or they will not arise at all.

Where to Buy Hair Extensions for Fine Hair in Canada and the USA?

Virgin Slavic hair extensions for fine hair


At I Love Slavic Hair you can buy real children’s Slavic hair extensions and order the manufacture of permanent hair extensions for thin hair (hand-tied wefts or making keratin bonds) or clip-ins. 

You can buy both long and short hair extensions for thin hair. Smooth, wavy and curly hair. All hand-made and custom. products are tailored to your individual requirements.

Our products are made with care for your health: we offer the safest hair extensions for fine hair, which will not damage your natural hairstyle and will help make it even more beautiful.

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