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Single Drawn vs Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Single Drawn vs Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Single-drawn hair and double-drawn are terms that are often used to describe the types of hair used for extensions.

If you want to change your hairstyle or are just starting hair tech, then you might have to be curious about how these two types of bundles differ.

I Love Slavic Hair is ready to help you understand the issue! Read about the differences between double-drawn vs single-drawn hair extensions, so that you are 100% sure that you have found the right products that will suit you best.

What Is Single-drawn Hair?

single drawn hair

Single-drawn hair is hair bundles cut from a single donor, containing a combination of different hair lengths and with lesser efforts involved in processing. Only the shortest hairs are combed out of the bundle, and the length of the remaining strands can vary by several inches.

For example, you want to buy an 18-inch bundle. About 50% of the hairs are likely to measure approx 18 inches, and the other 50% is a combination of hairs from 13 to 16 inches long. This means that the strands will be equally thick at the roots and taper off slightly toward the tips.

This is because:

  • Natural hair has different growth rates. Therefore, the hairs from one head will have various sizes.
  • Only the shortest hairs are removed from single-drawn hair extensions. The difference of a few inches looks natural: this is what the naturally grown strands look like.

What Is Double-drawn Hair?

double drawn hair

Let’s figure out what does double-drawn hair mean. The most popular definition of double-drawn hair says that it is the locks of the same length that undergo an additional process during manufacturing. 

About 70-80% of the hairs in the bundle have the same length, and the rest of the strands may be slightly shorter. 

You get a bundle that has the same thickness from roots to tips. The extended strands will have a smooth, dense cut.

Because these are very thick locks, they are often taken from multiple donors. The fact that such a bundle is quite difficult to collect and its creation requires a lot of raw material, which is almost impossible to get from one person. The workers remove shorter hairs by hand to create the bundles of the same length, thickness, and structure.

Now you know all about what is double-drawn hair extensions. It’s time to figure out how the hair for double-drawn extensions is processed. 

What Is Double-drawn Remy hair

What is Remy human hair? These are high-quality products that have undergone delicate processing without the use of aggressive and harmful chemicals. This approach preserves the natural cuticle of hairs completely intact from roots to tips. All Remy hair in a bundle is aligned in the direction of its growth (from roots to tips).

Remy hair is the best option if you want to get beautiful natural hair extensions. 

The most popular type is double-drawn Remy tape in hair extensions. The tapes are quite noticeable in the hairstyle. Therefore, they are most often chosen for clients with naturally thick curls who just want to add some length. Thick natural hair hides the tapes, making your hairstyle natural-looking and attractive.

Looking for the best Remy double-drawn hair extensions to buy?

This material has proven itself not only for tape extensions but also for fusions and hand-tied extensions. It is also used for clip-ins

Keep experimenting and you will achieve the result you aspire to!

Which Is Better Single Drawn or Double-drawn Hair?

It is a mistake to believe that double-drawn hair bundles are of higher quality: the same quality material is used for single and double-drawn hair.

However, the production of double-drawn hair requires more raw materials that are more difficult to collect, which is why the price of such bundles is higher.

From 200 grams of single-drawn hair, you can get 150 grams of double-drawn hair. The hair loss is about 25%. So, you pay for 200 grams of hair and get 150 grams of double-drawn. 

single drawn VS double dravn hair hair

Outstanding Features of Double-drawn and Single-drawn Hair

Double-drawn and single-drawn hair have their pros and cons, which one is better for you depends on your needs and preferences.

Let’s start with single-drawn hair pros.

Single-drawn Hair Pros

  • Natural look, because the hair becomes thinner towards the ends.
  • To get visually thicker hair with a fuller cut, it is enough to trim one or to inches of length (this option is suitable if the length is not very important).
  • Single-drawn hair bundles are lighter in weight and therefore suitable for customers with fine hair.
  • It is cheaper than double-drawn hair since the less raw material is needed to make one bundle.

Of course, this material has its cons.

Single-drawn Hair Cons

  • The hairstyle is less voluminous and doesn’t have a fuller and thicker cut.
  • Some bundles can be too thin at the tips. To solve the problem, it is advised to cut about 2 inches of the length.

Now let’s check the pros of double-drawn hair extensions.

Double-drawn Hair Pros

  • Solid thickness from top to bottom;
  • Luxurious volume and beautiful thick tips;
  • Since the strands are very thick, you may need less hair for extensions than if you would use single-drawn hair.

And now let’s move on to the cons of this material.

Double-drawn Hair Cons

  • The price is more expensive because the production of one bundle requires more raw materials. There are also difficulties in matching the strands by length and texture.
  • Since these strands are heavy enough, they are not suitable for customers with thin soft hair. First, they will be noticeable in the hairstyle. Second, excessive tension can damage and weaken the roots, which may lead to hair loss.

How Do You Choose Between Double-drawn and Single-drawn Hair Extensions?

Choose the right type of hair for you, taking into account the following factors:

  1. Type of your curls
    As you have already understood, single-drawn hair is a better option for fine hair, and for thick hair choose double-drawn extensions.
  2. Your haircut
    For example, you cannot make double-drawn tape-ins for too short hair.
  3. Your wishes
    For natural hairstyle, it is better to opt for single-drawn, and for volume and full density - double-drawn.

You should also take into account your preferences or your customers' preferences for tip density and the look of the cut.

European double-drawn drawn hair


Where to Find Double-drawn Hair Extensions Supplier?

Looking for a reliable double-drawn hair extensions supplier? We are here to help you!

We offer Remy human hair, which has been treated with the utmost care using modern European technologies. Thanks to this, the hairstyle will last for as long as possible.

At our hair extensions online store you can buy:

At I Love Slavic Hair you will find an excellent selection of high-quality hair that will satisfy all your expectations and will allow you to create a beautiful hairstyle with any hair extension technique!

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