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Standard vs Micro vs Nano Keratin Bond Sizes

Standard vs Micro vs Nano Keratin Bond Sizes

If you are planning to get pre-bonded hair extensions, you might want to learn more about the different types of keratin bonds, their pros and cons, and how to choose the right one.

Also, this information will be useful for beginners who want to know how to choose the right size of bonds for hot fusion extensions.

Standard Size Keratin Bond Hair Extension Pros and Cons

Standard keratin bonds size

First, let's see what’s the difference between the standard, micro, and nano keratin glue beads. It’s actually really simple: as you might have guessed from the name, it’s all about the size.

Standard bonds/beads look like a grain of rice: they are slightly wider in the center and more narrow at the tips.

This is the most popular type of hair extensions in the USA and Canada, which is why it’s safe to say they are the best keratin bond hair extensions. It’s almost universally suitable for all types of hair. Standard bonds are 1 gram of hair per strand. Since the standard bundle weight is 100 grams, you get 100 strands pre-bonded with keratin glue pellets.

Pros of this method

For the hair extension stylist
For the client
  • Since only 100 pellets are used, the extension procedure takes much less time. The same holds true for the removal and reapplication procedures.
  • Relatively quick - you only have to spend around 3-3.5 hours to get a completely new hairstyle!
  • Fewer pellets are used, compared to other methods. 

Cons of this method

For the hair extension specialist
For the client
  • You get paid less if you charge per bond.
  • You might feel slight discomfort 
  • The bonds are quite visible compared to the other smaller-sized options

The cost of hair extensions that feature standard keratin bond size depends on how professional/experienced the specialist is and the quality of hair used for the extension procedure.

At I Love Slavic Hair, we recommend using Russian hair - these are high-quality natural strands that offer the best value. This type of hair is suitable for women with medium-dense natural hair. The material is carefully processed in strict accordance with European industry standards. With proper care, these extensions will last you a really long time.

Micro Keratin Bond Hair Extension Pros and Cons

Micro keratin bonds size

Micro bonds are almost half the size of standard keratin glue beads. Here, you get 0.5-0.7 grams per strand. That means you would get approximately 140-200 capsules for an extension procedure from 100 grams of hair.

This type of hair extension is especially popular in Europe among those who care most about how natural the styling looks.

Pros of this method

For the hair extension specialist
For the client
  • Keratin for micro beads melts more easily than for standard beads, which makes it more convenient to work with.
  • The bonds themselves look more neat, which is quite important for your portfolio as a hair extension stylist.
  • The extended curls look neat.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Barely visible, which is very convenient for those who like to make high tails.

Cons of this method

For the hair extension specialist
For the client
  • The procedure usually takes a bit more time since you have to deal with a bigger number of bonds.
  • The extension procedure might take up to 5 hours. Not everyone is willing to spend that much time, even the beauty of your hair is at stake.

We would advise you to buy micro keratin extensions if your natural hair is fine, soft or "parched" as a result of dyeing. In this case, we usually recommend using Slavic hair - these are premium-quality product that’s optimal for those with soft and thin strands.

As an alternative, you can also try Russian hair. It all ultimately depends on the structure of your curls. To find out more about hair extensions keratin bond price, please contact the hair extension professionals in your area.

Nano Keratin Bond Hair Extension Pros and Cons

Nano keratin bonds size

Nano keratin hair bond extensions are even smaller in size than micro bonds. They look like a match head. You get 0.25-0.4 grams of hair per strand, or approximately 250-400 nanocapsules per 100 grams of hair.

This type of hair extension is highly popular mainly in Eastern Europe and the UAE.

Pros of this method

For the hair extension specialist
For the client
  • It is a high-margin and well-paid job, since not every stylist is qualified enough to perform this procedure.
  • Suitable even for women who by nature have very thin natural hair.
  • Invisible and very comfortable to wear.

Cons of this method

For the hair extension specialist
For the client
  • The procedure is very time-consuming as it may take up to 8 hours, which is rather inconvenient for both the client and the hair extension specialist.
  • Since the nano bonds are very small in size, it is inconvenient to rebond them.
  • It is impossible to remove the extensions without losing the entire previously extended weight of the strands.
  • Takes up a lot of time.
  • You have to do reapplication procedures more often (every 2 months)
  • Expensive. Since not many hair extension professionals are qualified enough for this job, it affects the nano keratin bond hair extensions price.

Standard vs Micro vs Nano Keratin Bond Hair Extensions: What Type to Choose?

To decide which type of keratin bond extensions is right for your hair, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Your own hair structure
    For thick hair, standard bonds are the best choice. Micro bonds are suitable for thin and soft curls while nano bonds are suitable for very thin curls.
  2. What you want to achieve
    For example, if your goal is to add thickness to your hair, many experts recommend micro bonds. They are also suitable for those who want to hide the fact of using hair extensions and make the hairstyling as natural as possible.
    To increase density around the temples, nano bonds (for those with thin hair) or micro bonds (for thicker hair) are suitable.
    Some hair beauty professionals combine different types of keratin bond sizes: the standard ones are used in the back of the head while nano or micro bonds are used on the sides.
  3. Reviews
    Reading keratin bond hair extensions reviews might give you a better understanding and idea of what will work best for your hairstyle. Finally, consult your hairstylist!

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If you are looking to find keratin bond extensions near me, I Love Slavic Hair will be happy to help you choose the right type, structure, and color for your hair extensions. We are always here to help you!

No matter what you choose, do not forget about proper care: use a quality brush for hair extensions, shampoo, conditioner and mask, and then your extensions will last really long!

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