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Keratin Glue Pellets

High-quality keratin grains for fusion hair extensions

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Gel Keratin Glue Color 8

Keratin glue pellets from I Love Slavic Hair are an essential ingredient for high-quality hair extensions guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Best Keratin Glue Pellets for Hair Extensions by I Love Slavic Hair

Looking for the best keratin glue pellets for sale? We offer high-quality transparent and color Italian keratin glue pellets for fusion hair extensions. This type of keratin is popular among beauty salons and has become a standard for quality hair extensions.

Our keratin crystals for making bonds are ideal for hair extensions and here’s why:

  • Produce a specific neon glow when placed under a UV lamp, which is indicative only of high-quality fusion keratin glue rebond granules.
  • Feature only hypoallergenic keratin glue pellet granules beads that are completely harmless for both hair and scalp.
  • Firmly hold the hair inside the bond to last you long enough till the next reapplication procedure while keeping the strands in place.
  • Easy to work with! If you are a beauty professional, you will love using these crystals for hair extensions achieving even the tiniest bonds.
  • Italian keratin glue pellets/granules are easily attached to the hair and also easily removed using a special liquid and a set of tools.

Types of Keratin Glue Beads for Fusion Hair Extensions

Italian keratin glue pellets for fusion hair extensions

As most beauty professionals know, choosing the best keratin glue pellets is essential to achieving high-quality hair extensions! There are two types of keratin:

Standard Keratin Glue Beads

  • Transparent keratin is the most common type used by almost all professionals.
  • Colored keratin is a brand-new type that’s become available just recently and, of course, can be already ordered from I Love Slavic Hair. With colored keratin, bonds will be almost identical to the color of your client’s natural hair.

The currently available keratin colors are transparent, brown and black.

Gel Keratin Glue Pellets

This is a great material that melts better, holds better and bends better as well! Gel keratin allows for hermetically sealed bonds and decreases the risk of burning your fingers during the extension procedure.

We have gel keratin available in different colors.

For more information about different types of keratin, please read our blog.

Where to Buy Keratin Glue Pellets For Hair Extensions in Canada & the USA

Keep asking yourself the question “where to buy keratin glue pellets near me?” Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. Place an order with I Love Slavic Hair and we will deliver your keratin glue pellets directly to your door.

I Love Slavic Hair offers the best keratin crystals for making hair extensions in the USA and Canada. By choosing our products, you choose quality and perfect results for your clients!

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