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Hair Extension Accessories & Tools

Janeke Superbrush Black/Teal
Janeke Superbrush Black/Pink
Small Silk Scrunchie White

Small Silk Scrunchie White

USD $7.50 USD $11.25

Small Silk Scrunchie Pink

Small Silk Scrunchie Pink

USD $7.50 USD $11.25

Large Silk Scrunchie Black
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Janeke Superbrush White/Pink
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Keratin Bond Remover Liquid
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Small Silk Scrunchie Set #2
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Janeke Superbrush White/Black
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Janeke Superbrush White
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Janeke Superbrush Yellow/White
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Janeke Superbrush Teal/Pink
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Janeke Superbrush Beige/White
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Janeke Superbrush Gold/Black
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Janeke Superbrush Gold/White
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Janeke Superbrush Silver/Black
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Janeke Superbrush Silver/White
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Janeke Wavy Сomb Silver

Looking to get quality hair extension accessories? Look no further than I Love Slavic Hair.

We offer a wide range of brushes for hair extensions as well as trendy combs and silk scrunchies - an ideal present for your lovely self, your closest ones and friends.

If you are a hair professional ordering hair extensions from us, be sure to add to your cart some of our hair extension tools & supply: standard and gel keratin glue pellets, different kinds of hair extensions irons, bond removal liquid, and more.

When you shop at I Love Slavic Hair, you know you’re getting the best quality product trusted by thousands of our customers from all over the world!

Hair extension accessories & supplies by I Love Slavic Hair

Why go searching through different websites when you can easily find all that you need right here at I Love Slavic Hair. We’ve got different kinds of hair extension accessories instantly available for order from our website.

✓ Great brushes for natural hair & hair extensions

Never settle for mediocre - that’s the principle we stand by. I Love Slavic Hair is a team of hair experts who know everything about hair care and can offer you the right accessories that will make your hair shine with beauty and health.

Here are just some of our products:

  • Professional brushes for hair extensions

A must-have for anyone who has extended hair. Using our hair brushes will help you to extend the great looks, strength, and integrity of your extensions while preventing frizziness.

  • Combs for wet hair and gel application

Ideal for all types of hair, especially thin. Janeke large wide tooth combs will gently slide down your hair slowly detangling it without any damage.

  • Trendy Janeke Superbrushes

A popular brand of hair accessories and a wow-product that fits any type of hair - whether it’s thin, dense, wavy, or even fragile. Janeke Superbrushes will detangle even the most unruly hair without damaging it.

✓ Slick-looking silk scrunchies

Say goodbye to creased, tangled hair with mulberry silk scrunchies from I Love Slavic Hair!

Our silk scrunchies are as stylish as they are practical. Made of 100% pure mulberry silk, these scrunchies ensure maximum comfort for your hair. Due to the smooth, silky texture, they slide down your hair gently without damaging it while the elastic core helps to keep your hair in place tightly.

You can choose from a set of 3 small scrunchies (each in a different color) or 1 large scrunchie. We will gift-wrap your order to make it an ideal present for you or your loved ones.

✓ Tools for hair extension professionals

Choose from a wide range of hair extension tools guaranteed to make your work easier and comfortable.

Here’s what we offer:

  • hair extensions irons with temperature control;
  • irons for hot fusion hair extensions (without the regulator);
  • hair extensions pliers for making and removing bonds.

And that’s just a tiny part of what you can get from I Love Slavic Hair - we also offer tape hair extensions accessories used for fixating tapes and fusion hair extensions kits that feature an iron, pliers used for removing extensions, and pliers for rebonding.

✓ Keratin Grains for Fusions

The quality and strength of keratin bonded hair extensions largely depend on the keratin you are using. We offer top-quality Italian keratin that is:

  • completely harmless for your hair;
  • easy to work with and allows you to create bonds of any size;
  • reliable (fixates the bond firmly);
  • easily removable.

We also have transparent and colored keratin glue pellets to help you achieve the perfect color match.

Order your hair extension accessories and tools from I Love Slavic Hair to ensure top quality for yourself and great results for your clients!

Hair Extensions Accessories in Canada and USA

Thinking about ordering your hair extension accessories online? Well, you’ve come to the right place - we ship our quality products to major beauty salons and hair professionals across Canada and the US. For more information, please see the “Shipping & Order Status” section. Shopped with us before? Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about new arrivals and special offers straight to your inbox.

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