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Virgin Slavic Hair

Get ready for the most luxurious hair extensions

Slavic Hair, color 6, 53cm-21″, 71 grams
Slavic Hair, color 6, 55cm-22″, 160 grams
Slavic Hair, color 5, 41cm-16″, 96 grams
Slavic Hair, color 6, 48cm-19″, 60 grams
Slavic Hair, color 5, 43cm-17″, 48 grams
The most luxurious hair

The most luxurious hair

Each bundle is unique

Each bundle is unique

Natural look (not dyed hair)

Natural look (not dyed hair)

Thin hair structure

Thin hair structure

Hair is very soft

Hair is very soft

Long lifespan

Long lifespan

Virgin Slavic Hair is the best hair extension you can get for the money. The mere fact of your salon offering hair extensions of such type will take your business to the next level and attract new clients who are looking for premium hair extensions.

100% Virgin Slavic Hair Extensions

If natural good looks and ultimate comfort are what your clients are after, the best thing you can offer them is virgin Slavic Russian hair. This hair is truly virgin hair, which means it has never been chemically/thermally processed, treated with silicone, or dyed. 

Slavic human hair features a very soft, natural texture, which is ideal for women with thin, soft hair. At I Love Slavic Hair you’ll be able to find such rare types of hair extensions as Russian blonde virgin hair or Russian curly virgin hair.

Premium Russian Virgin Hair Extensions for Sale Online

If you have natural hair and are not planning on coloring it in the nearest future, but rather want to add some length and volume to your hairstyle, then Virgin Russian hair extensions is a perfect choice for you.

We offer premium-quality virgin hair extensions: smooth and silky, healthy, uniform in length and condition, gentle to the touch. This type of hair is highly recommended for invisible and natural-looking hair extensions.

Virgin Russian Hair Extensions: Here’s What We Offer

When you’re getting your Russian virgin hair extensions from I Love Slavic Hair, you know you’re getting the best, and here’s why:

  • 8 natural shades ranging from golden blonde to chestnut brown locks;
  • Ideal for any type of coloring;
  • Soft and gentle virgin human hair extensions vary in texture ranging from wavy to straight so that you could always get the right bundle;
  • Allow for a gorgeous, natural-looking hairdo;
  • Can last you a lifetime (with proper care);
  • Every virgin hair bundle is unique in color, length, and weight.

We offer both bulk hair and readymade hair extension products, including:

  • Fusions (tiny capsules coming in two varieties - standard (1 g per strand) or micro bonds (0.5-0.7 g of hair per strand));
  • Hand-tied wefts;
  • Virgin hair clip-ins;
  • Slavic hair tape extensions.

All of these options are available on our website.

Virgin Slavic Hair Extensions in Canada, USA, Australia, and the UK

If you’ve ever wondered “who’s offering Russian virgin hair extensions near me”, now you know the answer. You can place your order online directly on our website by choosing the right shade and length, and we will deliver your hair extensions directly to your door. 

We run direct supply lines from Ukraine so you know you’re getting the real deal with I Love Slavic Hair. Among our partners are everyone who’s looking to work with high-quality hair extension products: salons, beauty professionals, and retail customers.

For detailed information on orders and delivery, please see the “How to Order” section.

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose I Love Slavic Hair

  1. Premium quality guaranteed. We buy virgin hair directly from donors in Ukraine and local suppliers in Russia, with careful processing and quality control.
  2. With more than 5 years of experience in hair extensions and hair beauty - we know our products well enough to offer you the right thing.
  3. We specialize in Slavic hair and run direct supplies to ensure premium-quality, authentic products that you and your clients will love!
  4. Every client is special, every order is special. We know those hair extensions are always personal and getting the right set may take some time and patience. We will always help you find what’s best for you and your hair.
  5. We love talking to our clients. If you ever have any questions or feedback regarding our products or services, we are always in touch and there to help you out.

If you are interested in ordering Slavic hair extensions wholesale, please follow this link for our wholesale terms and conditions.

Enjoy your shopping at I Love Slavic Hair!

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