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Janeke Hair Extension Brushes

Best brushes for your beautiful hair.

Janeke Superbrush Black/Teal
Janeke Superbrush Black/Pink
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Janeke Superbrush White/Pink
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Janeke Superbrush White/Yellow
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Janeke Superbrush White/Black
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Janeke Superbrush White
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Janeke Superbrush Yellow/White
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Janeke Superbrush Teal/Pink
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Janeke Superbrush Beige/White
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Janeke Superbrush Gold/Black
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Janeke Superbrush Gold/White
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Janeke Superbrush Silver/Black
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Janeke Superbrush Silver/White
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Janeke Wavy Сomb Silver

Your hair extensions will never fail to amaze everyone with their style and beauty if you use the right extension hair brushes. Super-lightweight and ultra-convenient, Janeke brush will have no problem detangling even the most unruly locks.

Find the Best Brush for Hair Extensions in Canada and the US

The secret to gorgeous hair is that simple - it’s all in the brush! And, with hair extensions, it is even more crucial.

Janeke Mixed Bristle Brush with Nylon & Boar Bristles for Hair Extensions

Now that you've got the hair extensions you are happy with, it’s time to compliment them with a special brush for hair extensions. That’s where we, the specialists from I Love Slavic Hair, step in with just the right accessories for you.

Meet the best hair brush for tape-in and bonded hair extensions - Janeke mixed bristle brush with nylon & boar bristles available in medium and large sizes. It is ideal for:

  • Gentle combing of the follicle area, bonds, tapes and hair in-between.
  • Delicate sliding down to the very ends, detangling and straightening even the most unruly hair.
  • Preventing hair kinks and creases, especially near the follicle area - which is exactly what you need before a reapplication procedure.
  • Avoiding damage to your scalp and bonded hair extensions or tapes (completely safe to use with hair extensions).
  • Combing and styling your own hair - thanks to soft, gentle-textured bristles.

This kind of brush is a must-have hair accessory for anyone who loves caring about their hair and wants to enjoy wearing beautiful hair extensions for as long as possible.

Large Wide Tooth Janeke Combs for Wet Hair

Gently combs your hair when it’s vulnerable and prone to damage. Whether you’ve just got out of the shower or want to apply a bit of hair balm ahead of a spa procedure,  Janeke comb is what you need.

  • Works well with thin, unruly hair. It will gently detangle your bundles without damaging them.
  • If your hair is dense and wavy, the comb will work your hair softly from bottom to top and separate them into perfect bundles.

One way or another, you are going to love what Janeke wavy comb does to your hair. The large wide-tooth comb for wet hair suits both natural and extended hair making it a must-have accessory for every woman!

Janeke SuperBrush. Possibly, the world’s favourite hairbrush

Finally, a brush that’s universally great for any type of hair:  thin or dense, straight or wavy, long or short.

  • The patented structure allows the hot air to flow through preventing damage to your hair and scalp while blowdrying.
  • Anti-static.
  • Ultra-lightweight and super-convenient.
  • Hypoallergenic. May be used for children's hair.
  • Wide range of colors and finishes.

Just pick Janeke Superbrush color that matches your taste and enjoy perfect styling with every use!

Buy Janeke Brushes in Canada and the USA at I Love Slavic Hair

When you buy Janeke Superbrush from I Love Slavic Hair, you know you’re getting a real treat for your hair.

We ship Janeke hair brushes across Canada and the US from our Toronto facility to ensure you get your orders fast. Shopped with us before? Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about new arrivals and special offers straight to your inbox. 

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