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I Love Slavic Hair Company

I Love Slavic Hair Company

Our Story

Our roots belong to Ukraine - a place where the most luxurious Slavic hair comes from.

We originally started our business in 2015. At the time, we were a tiny Ukrainian hair extensions supplier collecting Slavic hair from local donors and selling them to hairstylists and beauty professionals across Ukraine.

As we were working really hard to ensure the best quality and terms for our customers, they started recommending us to their network. That’s how we got our first orders outside Ukraine - from customers in the USA, Australia and Canada.

These people were looking for a reliable long-term supplier of virgin hair from Ukraine. Not only did we meet their expectations in terms of the product range, quality, and pricing, but we also managed to exceed them. Most of our first international customers are still ordering from us to this day. This is the kind of business relationship we truly value.

As time went on, we increased our supply volumes and started sourcing Slavic hair from trusted suppliers originating from Russia. All the hair that we received from our suppliers undergoes meticulous hygienic processing at our facilities in strict accordance with the latest European health and safety standards. We never use aggressive chemicals to dye our hair, which helps to keep the cuticles intact. We process and prepare hair for the most popular types of extensions. They include fusion, tape-in, clip-in, and hand-tied wefts.

I Love Slavic Hair today is a dynamic, growing Slavic hair company offering top-quality hair extensions worldwide shipped directly from our warehouses in Canada and Ukraine. Among our customers are well-known beauty salons, hair stylists and hair extension professionals. We are always open to new partnerships and can offer you a nice competitive edge with our top-quality exclusive hair extension products.

Established and operated as a hair extensions boutique in Ukraine.
Expanded its operations to Noth America with the opening of an office in Canada.
Rebranding and launching of I Love Slavic Hair online store.

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Invest in the Hair Your Clients Will Fall in Love With

Our main goal is to help you grow your salon business by offering gorgeous-looking Slavic and Russian hair extensions that your clients will love.

All of our products are made by hand from the most sought-after varieties of hair extensions on the Canadian and US markets, with unique characteristics and an instantly recognizable look that’s impossible to replicate.

You can choose from a wide variety of Slavic hair available for ordering from our website, including Ukraine virgin hair and Slavic hair from Russia.

Every Slavic hair bundle that we offer features its own unique texture and color shade. This is the kind of hair that looks gorgeous right out of the box and has people waiting in lines to get it. Our hair extensions come in a wide variety of colors (including ombre), lengths, textures, and styles (including straight and wavy hair).

We make:

  1. Fusion hair extensions with micro bonds and colored keratin. This type of hair extension allows for the ultimate comfort and perfect blending since the bonds match the color of the client’s hair.
  2. Clip-ins from 100% natural hair. These are really great for one-off occasions when you need to add some style and chic to your look.
  3. Hand-tied wefts that blend in with your own hair seamlessly - an ideal choice for those who prefer super-flat hair extensions.
  4. Machine wefts and ponytails according to the customer's specifications.
  5. Tape-ins for a quick and effortless hair extension procedure that features tapes attached to the client’s hair from both top and bottom sides.
If you are a beauty professional, we can offer you special discounts on hair extensions. To claim your discount and get access to wholesale purchasing, please create and verify an account on our website.

We Are Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Hair

When we launched the I Love Slavic Hair online store, we made premium hair extensions available for purchase not only for licensed beauty professionals but also for regular retail customers who are looking to buy quality hair extensions and want to be sure they will get 100% genuine Slavic hair.

✓ Hair quality consistency is our top priority

There are plenty of fakes out there pretending to be a Slavic hair company when in reality they are selling nothing more than cheap Chinese and Indian Remy hair processed using aggressive chemicals and silicon.

Unfortunately, this is the sad truth about the hair extension industry nowadays - not so many companies offer truly genuine, quality products. We are proud to be one of them.

Since we work mostly with beauty salons, we know how important it is to offer consistently good products - simply because our clients’ business reputation depends on it. We take that fact very seriously.

With I Love Slavic Hair, you won’t have to spend time searching for direct suppliers of Ukraine virgin hair or waste your money on subpar hair extensions from shady dealers.

Our goal as a long-time Ukraine hair extensions supplier is to offer you quick and easy access to 100% natural Slavic and Russian hair. We collect this directly from local donors in Ukraine or run direct supply lines from our trusted partners in Russia to ensure genuine quality.

We believe that only this kind of approach can guarantee your clients the ultimate satisfaction and months of long-lasting wow-effect every time they look in the mirror.

✓ Satisfy your clients

Just take a quick glance at the products available on our website and you will see that our hair extensions offer superior quality that’s unmatched on the North American market. The quality that would satisfy even the most demanding beauty professional looking for Slavic and Russian hair.

The strict quality control and delicate processing methods that we use allow for uniform hair color, length, density, and texture.

✓ 100% hair customization

Since client satisfaction is our number one priority, we can offer you a wide range of shades, textures, and types of hair extensions.

For those who specialize in fusion hair extensions, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that we offer pre-bonded hair with micro bonds and colored keratin to match your client’s hair. They are truly a pleasure to work with!

✓ A trustworthy partner for your hair salon business

We have been in the hair extension business for more than 5 years and know enough to consult you professionally on your purchase. 

If you ever need help choosing the right shade or texture, we will always be there to assist you. Normally, we respond to every message we receive within 24 hours.

Our prices are more than competitive but not as competitive as the value you are getting for the money. When you’re ordering Ukrainian virgin hair and Slavic hair from Russia, we guarantee to deliver your order (no matter how big or small) in the shortest time period possible.

Why spend your time, energy, and money searching for quality Slavic hair when we’ve got it all right here! I Love Slavic Hair will cover all your hair extension needs and always offer something special.

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We Share Our Knowledge With Our Customers

If it’s your first time purchasing hair extensions, be sure to read our blog to learn more about some of the nuances. Our hair experts have created a complete knowledge base of articles to help you find your perfect set of hair extensions!

The I Love Slavic Hair blog will help you to discover interesting and useful facts about the products we make as well as proper hair extension care.

Here are some of the main topics you can read about:

We believe that by offering premium-quality products, providing top-notch customer service, transparency and useful content for our clients, I Love Slavic Hair will become a go-to store for all your hair extension needs.

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