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Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

If you’re looking to get keratin fusion hair extensions, then you’re probably wondering what the pros and cons of this method are. Well, that’s why we’re here - to tell you everything you wanted to know about fusion hair extensions.

We’ve compiled the most useful information and facts to help you make the right choice. Read on to find out more.

Fusion Hair Extensions Benefits

Fusion hair extensions are one of the most popular and universally suitable ways to change your hairstyle.

Hot fusion bonded hair extensions are an effective hair extension method where the stylist attaches strands to your natural hair using keratin bonds using a special tool - an extension connector iron.

Keratin bond connector iron

It's also one of the oldest proven ways to change your hairstyle. Fusion hair extensions have a lot of different benefits that make them a popular choice for both hair beauty professionals and their clients.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Let’s start with fusion bonded hair extensions pros and what makes this method great.


  • It's safe: the bonds are made from keratin glue, which is a hypoallergenic material. Especially, it is important for those with sensitive scalp.
  • It’s universal: this type of hair extensions is suitable for everyone. Whether your hair is thin or dense, curly or straight, blond or brunette - it will help you to achieve the required length and volume.
    With proper selection of hair type and structure as well as professional application, hot fusion hair extensions can be used even with short and thin hair.
  • It’s convenient: with properly selected and attached keratin fusion extensions, you will never feel any discomfort. It’s like the natural extension of your own hair!
  • It’s durable: if you follow all the recommendations from your hair extension stylist and take proper care of your extensions, they will last you up to 9-12 months with timely reapplication procedures.
  • It's versatile: keratin fusion hair extensions can be used to create any hairstyle: ponytail, braids, curls or straighten your curls just like you did before the extensions.
  • It’s perfectly concealed: one of the main fusion hair extensions advantages is that no one will ever know you’re even wearing them. They blend in perfectly with your natural hair. Now, you can even use colored keratin glue to get hair extensions that match your own hair color. Your styling will always look natural and you will always feel confident!
    Italian keratin glue pellets

As you can see, there are a lot of great things about keratin bond extensions. However, there are some downsides as well - let’s talk about fusion bonded hair extensions cons.


  • The extension procedure itself takes quite some time: you have to be prepared to spend 3-4 hours getting your hair extensions applied. The duration of the procedure depends on a number of factors, such as the amount of material and the qualifications of your hair extension specialist. In addition, the stylist will need to spend time on hair extensions removal, rebonding and reapplication each 3-4 months. Hair extension removal takes about an hour, and reapplication takes about the same amount of time as the initial application.
  • Can be done only at a salon. Fusion hair extension procedure is not something you can do by yourself at home, as there’s a risk of damaging your hair and scalp. This also applies to hair extension removal, which should be done by a hair extension specialist.
    For more information on hair extension application and reapplication procedures, please read this article from our blog.
  • You need to avoid exposure to high temperatures. This essentially means that you will have to use the blowdryer or curling iron with extreme caution to make sure their hot surface does not come in contact with the keratin bonds.
    It’s also worth noting the quality of keratin bonds of your hair extensions. Here’s a great article we wrote about choosing the right keratin glue pellets. Be sure to read it.
  • May cause slight discomfort: some women report that it took them several days or even weeks to get used to the newly installed hair extensions. There’s also a small number of people reporting itching and headache.
    To avoid these problems, we recommend using micro keratin bonds. They are very easy on your hair and you can barely feel them.
    Again, a very important factor here is how experienced your hair extension stylist is. With improperly installed hair extensions, you can really get headaches and experience other unpleasant sensations. Typically, this happens because the hair extensions were attached too close to the scalp creating additional tension and pulling at your natural hair. This potentially might weaken your roots or even lead to hair loss!
  • Requires proper care and maintenance on a regular basis. If you rub your hair too hard while washing or brush it with a regular hairbrush, you risk losing the original gloss, volume, and beauty.
  • You also need to pick the right shampoo and avoid using oil-based hair care products as they can weaken the keratin bonds and lead to hair shedding.
    We have a nice article containing all information you need to know on how to look after your hair extensions

As for the fusion bonded hair extensions pros and cons, we often hear that people say this procedure is not suitable for those with naturally thin hair, which is not entirely true, and here’s why.

Micro keratin bond extensions

Many hair beauty specialists use coarse Asian or thick Indian hair for their hair extensions. Obviously, these types of hair are not suitable for women whose natural hair is thin and soft, which is why some specialists argue that this procedure is not suitable for everyone. It’s simply because they do not have the right type of hair for you!

That’s why we recommend choosing the right type of hair extensions that will work best for you:

  1. For fine and soft uncolored hair, we usually recommend using virgin Slavic hair. With this type of hair, you get a premium-quality, unique product. The raw material is collected from a single donor, which results in each bundle having its unique shade, length, and weight.
  2. For slightly denser and colored hair, go with Russian hair. This is the best value for money, available in a wide variety of shades and textures.
  3. For dense, coarse hair (or if you’re looking to get really long strands), choose European hair.

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That’s it for now! We hope that these fusion hair extensions pros and cons will be useful for you and help you make the right choice!

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