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The Difference Between Keratin Glue and Gel Keratin

The Difference Between Keratin Glue and Gel Keratin

Fusion hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extension methods allowing you to achieve truly wonderful results. This method suggests using keratin bonds to attach the extended strands to the client's natural hair. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the two main types of material used for fusion hair extensions: Italian keratin glue grains and gel keratin grains.

This article could be useful both for hairstylists who are looking for quality material for making keratin bonds and for customers who want to know the difference between gel keratin and the standard one.

What Is Keratin Glue?

No fusion hair extensions are imaginable without Italian keratin glue. This is a safe polymer that allows hair extensions to be attached to your head without harming your natural hair. Keratin glue pellets that are used to create bonds are completely safe and suitable for all hair types.

Italian keratin glue pellets for fusion hair extensions

To choose quality keratin glue grains, place them under a UV lamp. If the product is original, it should have a characteristic neon glow. This keratin is hypoallergenic and harmless for your hair or scalp while also being invisible and comfortable to wear. It is the most convenient type for the hairstylist to work with as it allows you to create keratin bonds of any size, securely attach them to the head, and also gently remove them during the rebonding procedure.

Watch out for the cheap fakes! If you purchase cheap, low-quality keratin, you risk causing serious harm to your hair, which may lead to increased breakage or even hair loss due to the excessive density and inelasticity of the material.

Other possible problems may include:

  • extended strands may not hold well and begin to slip (you will have to go through another extension procedure)
  • some bonds may not be strong enough to keep the extended hair in and it will begin to fall out (which leads to the loss of original density)
  • cheap, fake material is harder to process - it barely melts poorly, it spreads all over the place, and does not allow the bond to form correctly. As a result, the client will feel uncomfortable while wearing their fusion hair extensions and can even experience pain.

Keratin Bond Types

There are two types of hair extensions with keratin bonds: standard and micro bonds.

The choice between the two depends on which of them a particular hairstylist is used to working with or what is best suited to the condition of the client's hair (for example, micro bonds are recommended for weak and thin hair).

What are the bonds and how are they different?

Standard keratin glue beads

Of course, the main difference is in the size of the strand. Standard bonds look like a grain of rice in terms of size and shape: they are slightly elongated at the ends and bulky in the central part.

Micro keratin bonds

This keratin bond type is smaller than the standard size. With the standard ones, you get 100 bonds for 100 grams of hair. This allows the stylist to complete the extension procedure faster (the standard time is 3-3.5 hours) - however, in this case, the bonds may become more noticeable.

Micro bonds are the latest and hottest hair extension trend. The amount of hair in one micro bond is 0.6-0.7 grams, which means you can create around 140-160 bonds from 100 grams of hair.

The downside is that it will take the stylist slightly more time to complete the extension procedure simply because of the bigger number of bonds. The upside, however, is the fact that the extended strands are lighter and almost invisible. Oh, and the rebonding will also take longer.

Both of these types of bonds can be formed using both standard and gel keratin. You can wear fusion hair extensions with standard or micro bonds for 3-4 months before the reapplication procedure.

It’s also worth noting that, for people with a sensitive scalp, it may take about 2-3 days to get used to the keratin bonds.

What Is the Difference Between Gel Keratin and Standard Keratin Glue?

Currently, there are two main types of keratin glue for hair extensions available on the market: standard Italian keratin glue and gel keratin.

Both are used to create bonds to attach extended strands to the natural hair as well as to rebuild keratin bonds during the reinstallation procedure.

Standard keratin has been around for quite a while. Gel keratin is relatively new as it was introduced in late 2019. As a result, not many hairstylists are aware of its benefits and know how to work with gel keratin.

The main differences between the two types are:

  1. Melting temperature
    Standard keratin melts at 180-200°C while gel material melts at 200-220°C. Make sure your hair extension iron supports this temperature mode.
  2. Color palette
    Standard keratin comes in only 3 colors: clear, black, and brown. That’s why stylists had to either create huge, noticeable bonds or mix transparent and colored keratin to get the desired color. Needless to say, this took a lot of time and the stylist could never be sure that they would be able to achieve the right color to go along with the client's hair.
    Unlike standard, hard-to-melt keratin, gel keratin glue beads come in a greater variety of shades making it easier for stylists to match the natural hair color of their clients.
  3. Density
    Compared to standard keratin, gel keratin allows you to create a better-sealed, beautifully shaped bond that melts better and holds well. Due to its density, such material is easier to twist into a neat, streamlined shape.

Also, using keratin gel reduces the risk of your fingers getting burned. Finally, the resulting bonds will be easier to clean and will last the client longer.

How to break down standard and gel keratin bonds?

It’s actually quite simple. To remove any type of bonds (whether it’s standard or gel keratin), you just have to use hair extension removal pliers and keratin bond remover liquid that helps to soften keratin bonds.

Using these tools allows beauty specialists to gently remove extended strands without damaging the client's natural hair.

Gel keratin glue pellets for fusion hair extensions by I Love Slavic Hair

Hair extensions with keratin bonds are one of the most convenient and practical extension technologies. Choosing high-quality material for your hair extensions means you care not only about your clients but also about the reputation of your beauty salon.

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