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Can You Reuse Fusion Hair Extensions and How Many Times?

Can You Reuse Fusion Hair Extensions and How Many Times?

If you plan to make keratin bond extensions, you will probably ask the question: can you reuse fusion hair extensions.

It is important to understand that not all hair is suitable for reuse. Rebonding is often demanded by those who buy expensive hair of better quality, for example, virgin Slavic hair. Such hair can be used for 9-12 months with proper care and timely reapplication procedures.

This article will be useful for all those who want to extend the term of using their hair extensions.

Can Fusion Hair Extensions Be Reused?

Can you reuse hair extensions and how often you should do it?

Our natural hair is growing, so the bonds that used to fit perfectly on the head move down a little bit. 

To understand that it is time for reapplication, pay attention to:

  1. After the extension procedure your natural strands have already grown by 1.5-2 inches (3-4 cm);
  2. Some of the bonds have moved downwards.
  3. There are a lot of tangles in the bonds attachment area.

We are talking about bonds because if the procedure is done following the technique, this is one of the least damaging hair extensions methods. 

Therefore, if you still have doubts, can you reuse keratin hair extensions - our answer is «yes».

The main thing is to find an experienced hairstylist who knows all the nuances of this procedure, works with high-quality hair and the best hair extension tools and supplies. In particular, high-quality keratin glue.

Fusion hair extensions rebonding

In addition, you also need to understand that not all hair is suitable for reapplication.

For example, synthetic hair or cheap hair from China or other Asian countries are single-use products that are unlikely to last until the first reapplication.

The fact is that such hair is subjected to harsh processing using aggressive chemicals that destroy the structure of hairs.

Once you wash your hair, your previously beautiful and shiny strands will become dull and tangled. Long-term wearing is impossible for such a hairstyle!

I Love Slavic Hair recommends purchasing quality hair so you can reuse bonded hair extensions:

  • Virgin Slavic Hair
    Premium quality hair, which is ideal for customers with soft, thin and undyed hair.
  • Dyed Slavic Hair
    Denser strands with a wide selection of shades and different textures.

The lifespan of both types of hair is 9-12 months (with proper care and timely reapplications).

How Many Times Can You Reuse Fusion Hair Extensions?

Can you reuse fusion hair extensions

Timely reapplications of fusion hair extensions are required to: 

  • Extending the lifespan and reducing the cost of purchasing new hair extensions.
    If you do not make reapplications on time, even the best-quality hair will be useless.
    So, while combing the strands during the re-bonding procedure there will be more hair loss than it would be with regular reapplications.
    Therefore, you will have to purchase an additional bundle of hair if you want to make the hairstyle as voluminous as it was before.
  • Maintain an attractive appearance of your hairstyle
    The aim of any extension is to make your hairstyle look gorgeous. Once you have made the extension procedure, your hair will need regular care. One of the main points of such care is regular reapplication.

So, can you reuse keratin bond hair extensions and how often should this be done?

The frequency of reapplication procedures depends on several factors:

  1. Natural hair growth rate
    The faster the natural strands grow - the more often you have to visit your hairstylist.
  2. The thickness of your curls
    If you have naturally thin hair, then you need to make reapplications more often.
    The thing is that the extensions can weigh your hair down, possibly damaging it, so it is important to ensure that the extension is done correctly, and the growing strands do not cause discomfort.
  3. Extension Method
    You can reuse pre bonded hair extensions every 2.5-3 months. We have already mentioned that the service life of quality hair is 9-12 months. Therefore, the same strands can be reused for 3-4 reattachments.
  4. Aftercare
    If you do not follow all the aftercare recommendations of your hairstylist, then reapplications may be needed more often. As a rule, these recommendations include hair washing, drying, combing, styling, etc.
  5. Your preferences
    During each reapplication, the length of your extended strands is reduced (the part with the old bond is cut off). Also, combing while re-bonding reduces the volume of hair.
    Sooner or later the customers are no longer satisfied with length and volume and they acquire a new bundle of suitable weight and length.

How to Reuse Keratin Hair Extensions?

Wondering how to reuse hair extensions? The process is the following:

Hair Extensions Removal

In order to gently remove the extended strands, hair stylists use keratin bond remover. It easily destroys any keratin bonds and at the same time is delicate to natural hair.

After applying the liquid remover and splitting the bonds with special bond removing pliers the stylist gently removes the extended strands, making sure that they do not fall apart.

Client Hair Maintenance

After removing the extended strands, it is important to prepare your natural hair for further procedure: to comb it thoroughly (each strand separately), to remove the residues of keratin glue (if any), and also to remove tangles and fallen hairs. 

If necessary, the stylist can color the roots and trim the ends.

Hair Extensions Re-bonding

Let’s move on to how to reuse keratin hair extensions. 

On average, the process of re-bonding with standard size bonds takes 3 hours (100 bonds per 100 grams of hair). The more donor hair a stylist uses, the longer the procedure lasts.

Also, the duration is affected by the size and number of bonds. For example, if dealing with micro bonds the procedure takes 4 hours or more (140-170 micro bonds per 100 gr of hair).

Read more about the difference between the standard vs micro vs nano keratin extensions.

Reapplication Procedure

The hair technician with a special iron connector fixes bonds on the head of the client. The procedure begins at the back of the head and gradually moves to other areas of the head.

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Now you know everything about how to reuse old hair extensions.

The main thing is to choose an experienced stylist and buy quality human hair for extensions to make your hairstyle always look perfect!

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