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How to Identify Whether Your Virgin Slavic Hair Is Real or Fake?

How to Identify Whether Your Virgin Slavic Hair Is Real or Fake?

If there’s one type of hair that can make your hairdo more beautiful and natural, it has to be real virgin Slavic hair extensions, with the additional emphasis on the word “real”. Even for us, people who have been working in the hair extension industry for a decade, spotting a fake is not always easy.

Much like with any type of product, you can’t get quality hair extensions for cheap, which is especially true for Slavic hair. Those who flood the market with fakes play on this sentiment trying to sell cheaply and poorly processed Asian or Indian Remi hair, which in no way can pass for authentic Slavic hair.

Here in this article, we will try to give you some tips on how to tell cheap, fake hair extensions from high-quality, authentic ones, and ultimately get the product that you will be totally satisfied with.

How to Spot Fake Virgin Slavic Hair Extensions

First of all, let’s try to figure out what the real virgin Russian hair extensions are and what they should look like. Slavic hair is typically medium to low in thickness, soft and elastic to the touch.

Here’s how to tell if your bundles are good:

  • Packaging. The real virgin hair extensions should come in a bundle. They are never sealed in a plastic bag.
  • Hair ends. The real virgin extensions will have ends that are a few tones lighter than their synthetic counterparts or fake extensions of Chinese/Indian origin. One more thing: Asian extensions will have a cut that’s thick and even in its texture while hair ends on authentic extensions are typically thinner. This is due to the fact that Slavic hair is soft and relatively thin, which is more evident in the hair ends. That’s just the way it is:)
  • Texture. Virgin Russian hair extensions should not be too smooth and silky. Plus, it never has that fake glossy shine. Now, this may come as a surprise for some - supposedly premium hair that’s not smooth and glossy. The explanation, however, is quite simple: excessive glossiness and smoothness are achieved through silicon processing, which is never good because silicon is easily washed out of hair making it dry and tangled.
  • Real virgin hair is collected from children as donors, which is the only way to get the softest hair enriched with natural proteins. This type of hair is less porous and easier to style, not to mention the fact that it will serve you much longer.
  • Color. Each bundle is unique in color, length and the quantity of grams. As hair extensions typically come virgin (which means it hasn’t been chemically treated), slight variations in color are more than acceptable.

Now, let’s quickly go over the difference between synthetic hair and human hair:

Synthetic hair
Human hair
As a rule, synthetic hair is rather heavy
Optimal weight and comfort
Unnaturally strong, chrome-like
Moderate, natural
Feels rough and tough
Feels soft and gentle
Hair coloring
Does not absorb hair dyes
Can be dyed any color
How long it lasts
A few months at best due to the poor durability of the materials
At least 12 months (with proper care)
Not required
Requires constant care as if it were your own hair
Thermal stability
Depends on the material: some bundles are not designed for waving, straightening, or blow-drying.
Can be styled any imaginable way, shape, or form
Moderately high, mostly due to the price of the high-quality source material

To sum it up: synthetic hair is in no way a match to 100% human hair extensions. It looks and feels foreign, rather uncomfortable for everyday use, and will never give you that “wow-effect” when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking “girl, you’re the queen”. Hence, synthetic hair is a cheap alternative for one-time use.

What Is the Difference Between Slavic Hair From Indian, Brazilian, and Chinese Hair?

Besides synthetic bundles designed to imitate the look and feel of Russian virgin hair extensions, there are some other types of extensions worth mentioning, mainly coming from China and India. Let’s see how they stack up against their Slavic counterparts in the “Russian hair extensions vs. Indian” standoff:

Indian hair extensions
Russian virgin hair extensions
Only dark colors are available, which means you won’t be able to get good-looking, natural blonde hair out of these extensions
12 shades are available, including natural blonde and red. In addition to that, you can always dye this hair any color you like and get a natural look
Very dense, rough, often a bit wavy
Soft, gentle to the touch, may come both wavy and straight
Excessive, due to the silicon processing
Moderate, natural
Heavily processed + covered with a layer of silicon. As soon as the silicon is washed out, the hair becomes dull, dry, and tangly
Lightly processed keeping the hair structure intact
Consistent from follicles to ends
Hair ends are thinner and lighter than follicles
How long they last
Up to a few months: after silicon is washed out, the hair becomes tangled and uncomfortable to wear
At least 12 months
Overall impression
Look unnatural hardly matching your own hair
Look natural, blend with your own hair perfectly, especially if you have thin, soft hair

All these characteristics we’ve listed for Indian hair hold true for other regional types as well. If you’re still not sure whether to choose Brazilian or Russian hair extensions, you have to be prepared to make that compromise - yes, the price is moderately low, but so is the quality, comfort, and overall look.

If you’re looking to get the best quality and comfort, you should go with hair extensions from Ukrainian, Russian or Belarussian suppliers.

Why Is Virgin Slavic Hair the Best?

We are a major virgin Slavic hair extensions supplier and the reason why we chose to work with this particular type of hair is simple: Slavic hair is softer, thinner, and gentler than Asian/Indian. You can dye it any color you like and it will always look natural. Also, Slavic hair is comfortable to wear and always a pleasure to work with for any hair professional.

You’re still thinking what are the best virgin hair companies, think no further than I Love Slavic Hair!

We work only with premium quality products chosen by hair stylists all around the world. It’s like handcrafting your future hairstyle: microcapsules with colored keratin glue pellets to match your natural tone, which makes your extensions even more comfortable to wear while keeping your hairdo look natural and simply gorgeous. We also offer tape-in extensions, hand-tied wefts, and clip-in hair extensions.

Just give Slavic hair one try and you will never ever want to have any other extensions!

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