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2021 Best Hair Brush for Hair Extensions

2021 Best Hair Brush for Hair Extensions

Do you need a special brush for hair extensions? Of course, you do!

A carefully selected hairbrush will make your hair less prone to tangling and keep your hair extensions strong, beautiful, and perfectly styled - just like they were on the day you installed them.

In this quick review, we try to pick the best brush for hair extensions and give some useful tips on choosing the right one for your hair.

Hair Brush for Bonded and Tape-In Hair Extensions

Whether you’ve got tape-in or keratin bond extensions, they need special care, and that includes brushes too.

Once you get hair extensions, your natural hair becomes more vulnerable and more prone to breakage requiring a gentler approach when you’re brushing it.

This is why you need not just any brush but a brush that would be both safe and strong enough to work through a lot of hair.

Hair Brush for Bonded and Tape-In Hair Extensions

What Is the Best Brush to Use on Hair Extensions?

Main tips on choosing the right brush for hair extensions:

  • Avoid using brushes with metallic or hard plastic bristles. An ideal brush for hair extensions should have soft plastic bristles that won’t damage your hair.
  • Never use massage bristles with nodules as they might get stuck in the bonds and eventually damage them.
  • Go with a brush that would be equally good for your natural hair and your bonded or tape-in extensions.

Janeke Mixed Bristle Brush With Nylon and Boar Bristles

Janeke is an Italian brand of high-quality, handcrafted combs and brushes that are ideal for hair extensions. Already hugely popular in Europe, this brand is still relatively unknown in North America, which is a shame.

Janeke Mixed Bristle Brush With Nylon and Boar Bristles

Five reasons why a Janeke mixed bristle brush with nylon and boar bristles is the best brush for hair extensions 2021:

  1. An ergonomically designed handle that fits in the palm of your hand perfectly
  2. Due to the combination of two types of bristles (hence, the “mixed bristle” in the name), this brush is ideal for everyday use
  3. Nylon bristles gently comb through your hair extensions preventing them from tangling and helping to preserve the bonds or tapes
  4. Boar bristles are there to add volume and natural shine to your hair
  5. Elegantly shaped and stylishly designed, this brush will make a fine addition to your beauty accessories collection.

With a brush for hair extensions like Janeke, you can be sure that your hair is always well-groomed, silky-smooth, and perfectly styled. That’s not to mention the fact that Janeke brushes are completely safe for pre-bonded and tape-in extensions.

2021 Best Hair Brush for Hair Extensions

For your convenience, the Janeke mixed bristle brush with nylon and boar bristles is available in two sizes: medium and large. You can use the large hair extensions brush at home while the medium one is ideal for carrying in your bag and/or travelling.

How to Use Hair Extension Brush

Here are a few tips on how to get the best of your hair extension brush and achieve perfectly styled hair:

  • Pull your hair together in the back like you want to make a low ponytail. This will help you to reduce any unnecessary tugging and tension
  • Start brushing the hair gently working your way from the tips to the scalp. This way, your hair will be free of knots and easier to style
  • Never pull the brush too hard - move it through your hair slowly and gently
  • Pay more attention to the areas where your hair extensions are attached - this where a lot of knots and tangling happens
  • Finally, run your fingers through the hair to make sure it’s perfectly combed and everything’s ok with your bonded or tape-in hair extensions

For more information on how to brush hair extensions, please read this article from our blog.

How to Look After Your Hair Extension Brush?

To extend the service life of your hairbrush, all you need is to follow these simple recommendations:

  • To keep your hairbrush always clean, be sure to use it only on hair that’s been recently washed. There’s a nice article on proper hair extension care, which you can read on our blog.
  • Remove any shed hair or dandruff from the brush after each use
  • Wash your hairbrush in lukewarm water with soap once a week
  • If you use hair styling products on a regular basis, wash your hairbrush twice a week
  • When washing your hairbrush, use only lukewarm water as hot water might damage the bristles while cold water might leave some of the residue and dirt on the bristles
  • After washing your hairbrush, leave it to dry with the bristles facing up

That’s all it takes to keep your brush for hair extensions in perfect condition and always ready to style your hair. Janeke hair brushes are an ideal choice for hair extensions of all types - be sure to try them! 

Brush with nylon and boar bristles for hair extensions

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