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How Do You Brush Your Hair With Extensions?

How Do You Brush Your Hair With Extensions?

If you have recently installed your first-ever hair extensions, one of the questions you are probably asking yourself now is “How do you brush your hair with extensions?”, and rightfully so.

Although not exactly rocket science, brushing hair with extensions does require a special approach to help to prevent any damage to your hair extensions and extend their service life.

Everything you need to know about proper brushing is right here in this quick guide below. These tips work for hair extensions of all types, including hot fusion, tape-in, or sew-in extensions.

How to Properly Brush Your Hair Extensions

  • Do it every morning

As obvious as it is, you have to brush your hair extensions every single morning. And by brushing, we mean not just formally gliding through your hair once or twice but actually combing them using a hairbrush - gently, but firmly (more on brushing techniques below).

  • Always carry a hairbrush in your handbag

If you don’t do that already, you should. Just keep a hairbrush around to make sure your hair is perfectly styled throughout the day.

  • Brush your hair extensions before going to bed

This is mainly needed to prevent your hair from tangling during sleep. Plus, if you brush your hair extensions thoroughly in the evening, you will have to deal with fewer knots and tangles in the morning.

We recommend braiding your hair before going to bed - just leave the braid loose at the end, without securing it with a hair tie. This will keep your hair extensions from tangling.

How Do You Brush Permanent Hair Extensions?

So how do you brush permanent hair extensions? Here are a few quick tips for those who have fusion, tape-in, or sew-in hair extensions.

  1. Pull your hair together in the back like you want to make a low ponytail. This will help you to reduce any unnecessary tugging and tension at the points of attachment.
  2. Start brushing your hair gently going from the tips all the way to the scalp to make your hair easier to style and keep it free from knots.
  3. If you try brushing your hair the other way around (from scalp to tips), this might lead to breakage and damage to both your natural and extended hair. Also, be sure to move the brush through your hair slowly and gently - do not pull it too hard.
  4. When you’re done brushing, run your fingers through the hair to make sure it’s well-combed and your bonded or tape-in hair extensions are intact.

How Do You Brush Temporary Hair Extensions

If you don’t know how to properly brush your temporary hair extensions, just follow the recommendations we’ve provided earlier for permanent hair extensions with one important exception: clip-in, halo extensions, and ponytails have to be brushed BEFORE attaching.

Should You Brush Hair Extensions When Wet?

Always brush your hair before washing - this will help you to remove shed hair and prevent your hair extensions from tangling in the shower. Here’s a nice material we did on washing hair extensions. Be sure to read it.

Wet hair is generally more prone to damage and tangling, which is why you have to brush it very gently, slowly, and carefully.

  • Use a dry towel to soak up the moisture from your hair first - no rubbing or twisting motion, just gently wrap a towel around your bundles and press slightly.
  • When the hair is dry enough, use our recommendations from the previous paragraph to brush it.
  • You can use a hairpin to put your hair together on top and brush the remaining bundles first.

How Do You Brush Your Hair With Extensions? Top-3 Secrets

  1. To make your hair extensions easier to brush and style, be sure to look after them properly
  2. To avoid damaged hair and split ends, use only mulberry silk scrunchies. Pillowcases made of pure silk are also great for your hair extensions

    Pure silk scrunchies

  3. Always carry a hairbrush in your pocket, and not just any hairbrush - avoid using brushes with metallic or hard plastic bristles with nodules at the end. Choose the ones that have soft plastic bristles that won’t damage your hair - like this brush for hair extensions.

    Best brush for hair extensions

Now that you know all there is to know about how to properly brush your hair extensions, it’s time to put that knowledge to practice! Looking after hair extensions is not all that difficult, and we guarantee you will see positive results really quickly.

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