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Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

Handmade flat tips with colored Italian keratin glue

Best quality-price ratio

Best quality-price ratio

Not processed with a silicone

Not processed with a silicone

Ombre options available

Ombre options available

Wavy options available

Wavy options available

Hair can be dyed

Hair can be dyed

Lifespan up to 9 months

Lifespan up to 9 months

Keratin bond extensions are widely used in beauty salons all across the globe. This type of hair extension provides for healthy, natural-looking hair with plenty of room for experimentation: you can curl them, straighten them, or style them any other way you like.

At I Love Slavic Hair, we offer a wide variety of original Russian k tip hair extensions available for ordering online. Our k tip extensions come in different lengths, colors and textures and are a perfect way to complete your look!

What Are K Tip Hair Extensions?

Russian fusion hair extensions

Russian human hair extensions are popular among beauty professionals and their clients due to their quality-price ratio.

The idea behind the keratin tip hair extensions themselves is that the hair is extended using keratin glue - a material that’s used for creating bonds and attaching them to hair.

Hair professionals who specialize in keratin tip extensions may choose between cold or hot fusion methods. During the latter, a hair extension iron is used to attach the hair. It is considered to be the more popular of the two.

For detailed information on the difference between cold and hot fusion, please see our blog.

Main Advantages of Keratin Bond Extensions:

  • Completely harmless for your own hair
    Bonded hair extensions are generally regarded as one of the safest and mildest types of hair extensions.
  • Blend in perfectly
    This method allows you to achieve a natural look where extended hair blends in with your own hair perfectly - to the point where no one will be able to tell if you’re wearing extensions or not.
  • Last long
    So, how long do keratin tip hair extensions last? With proper care and timely reapplication (once every 3 months), Russian hair extensions will last you up to 12 months (provided you’re comfortable with their length by that time).
  • Easy to style
    Compared to clip-in hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions are much easier to wear since you don’t have to take them off every day. Plus, you can style it any way you like - even in a high ponytail!
  • Work well with any type of hair
    I Love Slavic Hair offers fusion tip hair extensions of any texture and/or length up to 70 cm. You can get either straight Russian hair or curly k-tip extensions to achieve that wonderful wavy hair effect.
    Depending on your needs, we can get you standard keratin bonds 1 gram per strand or micro bead hair extensions 0.6-0.8 grams per strand for clients who prefer practically invisible bonds.
    We use transparent and colored keratin to match your own natural tone.

Pre-bonded Hair Extensions by I Love Slavic Hair: Best 100% Slavic Human Hair

We can get you the best keratin bond human hair extensions available on the market:

100% human hair

Our mission is to help women realize their full beauty potential through quality hair extensions. That’s why we offer 100% natural human hair collected on the territory of Ukraine and Russia.

Wide range of colors

Russian pre-bonded hair extensions come in 20+ different shades, which means you can find the one that matches your hair perfectly.

Not sure which color to choose? Contact us to get professional tips and advice from our specialists. 

Please note that you can always dye, bleach or tone the hair extensions you’re ordering from us. However, this procedure is best done by a professional colorist who knows exactly what they’re doing and will not spoil the original high quality of the extensions.

We do not recommend dying your hair extensions DIY-style since it might damage their structure and significantly reduce the service life or lead to an unexpected change of the originally intended color. If you still decide to do it on your own, please do so at your own risk.

Modern processing technologies

As much as we care about beauty, we also do about health. That’s why we use only safe, non-aggressive chemicals to disinfect our products. We never use silicon!

At this point, you might be asking yourself the question “how much do fusion hair extensions cost?”. Well, we’re here to answer.

As a rule, fusion hair extensions price varies greatly depending on such factors as shade, texture, length, and weight.

The minimum order quantity is 100 grams. Please browse our website for retail prices on hair extensions of your choice. If you are a beauty professional, please create an account and register as a beauty salon/hair extension stylist to get a special discount from us.

Keratin Bond Extensions Supplier in Canada, USA, Australia and the UK

Still keep asking yourself the question “where to find k tip extensions near me”? They’re right here at I Love Slavic Hair!

We offer top-quality products used by major beauty salons and professionals all around the world.

I Love Slavic Hair is a direct supplier of Russian keratin tip extensions in Toronto from our warehouse in Ukraine. We ship all across Canada and the US as well as to the UK, Australia and other countries. For detailed information on shipping, please head over to the “Shipping & Order Status” section.

It’s always a pleasure working with wholesale customers and beauty salons - if you happen to be one, please follow this link for more details on keratin tip hair extensions wholesale. 

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