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What are hot fusion hair extensions?

What are hot fusion hair extensions?

Hot fusion hair extensions are the best solution for women who want to wake up with luxurious hair every day. Extensions are one of the easiest ways to achieve the desired hair length and thickness while still feeling free to style it any way you like.

Find everything you need to know about keratin fusion hair extensions in our blog.

What Are Fusion Hair Extensions?

There are quite a few different hair extension methods so there’s no wonder some people get confused over which one is better for them. You have to know what the difference is to make the right choice.

In this article, we're going to answer the question “what are hot fusion hair extensions” to help you understand if this method is right for you.

Fusion human hair extensions come in two distinct variations: hot fusion hair extensions and cold fusion.

The first method is generally considered to be more popular. It involves attaching strands to your natural hair using keratin bonds that are melted and glued together with a special iron.

Hot fusion hair extensions with micro bonds

How Much Do Fusion Hair Extensions Cost?

Two major factors that make up the final price are the cost of extensions themselves (materials) + the cost of the application procedure (work). Oh, and the quality - it does matter, for both materials and work because it directly affects the final result as well as the service life of your hair extensions.

What are the other factors that influence the price of fusion hair extensions?

  • Hair type and quality

Virgin Slavic human hair is natural hair that’s never been dyed and/or chemically treated (hence, the “virgin” in the name). This type of hair usually costs a lot more than dyed Russian or European hair (that also has a denser texture). The logic is simple: higher quality strands are usually more expensive, but, at the same time, they look way better and, with proper care, last much longer than their cheaper counterparts.

  • Hair structure

Curly fusion hair extensions typically cost more than straight ones. Also, double-drawn hair extensions with dense, thick ends are pricier than standard ones that may feature short hair.

  • Length and weight

The longer hair extensions the more expensive they are. Same for the weight - the heavier, the pricier. As a rule, the minimum weight available for purchase is 100 grams.

Russian fusion hair extensions price

Check out prices on Russian fusion hair extensions following this link.

How Long Do Fusion Hair Extensions Last?

The service life of fusion bonded hair extensions depends on:

  • The level of professionalism of the hair extension specialist

Believe it or not but some hairstylists still use those old, huge bonds that get too noticeable and uncomfortable to wear, especially during sleep. Therefore, we recommend asking your stylist what kind of keratin glue they work with and what size of keratin bonds they use.

  • Hair quality

It’s quite simple: higher quality hair will look better and last longer.

  • What are the best fusion hair extensions?

The ideal combination is high-quality hair + high-quality keratin. Russian hair with micro keratin bonds is considered one of the most popular types of hair extensions among beauty professionals all over the world. It’s the best value for money.

With extensions reinstallation done regularly, you can wear high-quality natural hair for 3-4 months until the next reapplication procedure. It means you can reuse fusion hair extensions. In this case, the hair can last you 3-4 reapplications (or as long as you are satisfied with their length).

Fusion Hair Extensions Installation

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the hot fusion hair extensions procedure.*

  • First, the hair extension specialist determines exactly where the strands need to be attached.
  • Next, the strands are positioned properly and attached to your own hair via keratin bonds located at the tips of the hair extensions. These bonds are heated and melted with a hair extension iron.
  • Keratin bonds provide a strong... bond (no pun intended) between the hair extensions and your natural hair. Bonds are typically formed starting from the top of the head and gradually moving to the back and sides.
  • The main idea here is to install hair extensions so that they would be covered with your own hair to make your hairstyle look as natural as possible.

* We do not recommend DIY installation of hair extensions as it may ruin your natural hair. Always use the services of professional stylists and beauty salons. 

Hot fusion hair extensions installation on the thin hair

How to Remove Fusion Hair Extensions

The removal procedure can be done either in a beauty salon by a professional hairstylist or at home*.

Here are the three main steps you need to follow to remove fusion hair extensions at home:

  1. Add a drop or two of hair extension removing liquid directly on a bond
  2. Crunch the bond with ridged removal pliers until the bond turns dry and powdery
  3. Gently pull the strand off your natural hair.

* Even though you may save some money on the visit to a beauty salon by removing hair extensions DIY-style at home, we do not recommend doing it, especially if you’re planning to re-use your extensions.

An incorrectly removed or damaged capsule, as well as improperly installed strands, can lead to a large loss of hair on your extensions during rebonding.

Fusion Hair Extensions Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are some of the main arguments for and against fusion hair extensions to help you understand if this procedure is right for you.

Let's start with the disadvantages first.

  1. Takes quite a long time: 3-3.5 hours on average per 100 grams of hair (although the result is certainly worth the wait!)
  2. Requires a professional hairstylist.
  3. Not suitable for people taking hormones, pregnant women, and those suffering from alopecia as this procedure can accelerate hair loss (the latter applies to all hair extension methods)

Top 5 Fusion Bond Hair Extensions Advantages

  1. Perfectly natural look and feel
    Every girl dreams of beautiful hair and fusion hair extensions can make that dream come true! If you don’t want anyone to know your little beauty secret, then fusion human hair extensions are what you need! Thanks to the micro-sized bonds that are almost invisible, fusion hair extensions blend in with your natural hair perfectly creating a seamless look.
  2. Comfort
    If installed properly, fusion extensions feel natural - to the point where you can’t tell the difference between your own hair and hair extensions!
  3. You can wear them for a long period of time
    Although it does take a few hours to install them, fusion hair extensions can last you 3 months - worth it!
  4. Completely harmless for your own hair
    You do not need to worry about keratin fusion hair extensions ruining your natural hair. With the proper extension technique and care, the length of your natural hair can be easily restored over time.
  5. Suitable for everyone
    Looking to add some thickness to your fine hair? Dreaming of long, voluminous curls? Easily done with hot fusion extensions!

The hot fusion hair extensions method allows you to achieve almost any hairstyle! It is also suitable for coarse and thick hair. You can choose a quality material of any color, structure, and length.

Fusion Hair Extensions Before and After

Still not sure if it’s right for you? Just take a look at this compilation we’ve made - fusion hair extensions before and after. Hope it helps you to make your choice!

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Example Before and After - 1

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Example Before and After - 2

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Example Before and After - 3

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Example Before and After - 4

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Example Before and After - 5

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Example Before and After - 6

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Example Before and After - 7

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Example Before and After - 8

Where to buy fusion hair extensions?

If you don’t know where to buy fusion hair extensions, try us first!

I Love Slavic Hair offers high-quality products that are loved and trusted by beauty professionals in Canada, USA, Australia, and other countries. Unlike some other suppliers, we use colored keratin glue pellets (standard or gel) to match your natural hair color and keratin bonds custom-made to your individual specifications:

  • micro bonds 0.5-0.7 grams per strand
  • regular bonds 1 gram per strand

We’ll be happy to help choose the right shade and texture: our consultants will do their best to provide you with an exceptional customer experience.

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