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Virgin Slavic Hair Bundle, Color #7, 14″-36cm, 51 grams

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This hair is the embodiment of finesse and luxury. Silky smooth, soft, and glossy, virgin Slavic hair is considered a celebrity-style hair extensions material. This type of hair has never been dyed and/or chemically treated, which helps to preserve the natural gloss and texture. If looked after properly, you can use it for multiple extension procedures.

Extensions made of virgin Slavic hair are easy to brush and style - not to mention the way they will perfectly blend with your natural hair making it impossible to tell if you’re even wearing extensions.

The source material is of the highest quality as every single tail is taken from a different donor in Ukraine and Russia. Since the hair is not mixed, every bundle has its own unique shade, length, weight, and texture.

Hair bundles possess a thin hair structure and are good for women with their own fine to medium hair structure.

Virgin Slavic Hair Bundle #4032 Features

  • straight hair structure;
  • very soft and smooth hair texture;
  • natural/virgin color (not dyed). Shade #7. If required, you can have it dyed and toned*;
  • not processed with silicone;
  • full ends;
  • suitable for all types of hair extensions: tapes, hand-tied/machine wefts, clip-ins, or keratin bonds;
  • each tail is firmly fixed with a hair elastic which prevents the hair from slipping down.
  • sanitized according to the strictest European safety standards and is ready for application.

* For proper hair coloring, we recommend using professional services. DIY coloring is not recommended as it may damage and shorten the lifespan of the hair. It is done at your risk.

All Virgin Slavic hair comes in one-of-a-kind bundles. When this hair is being prepared for a particular extension method, a certain loss in length (1 to 4 cm) and weight (no more than 10%) is acceptable.

How long it takes to complete an order once you've placed it:

  • for standard or micro bonds for a tail - up to 5 business days
  • for custom hand-tied weft tailored to your specifications - up to 20 business days
  • for clip-ins - up to 15 business days
  • for machine wefts - up to 15 business days

About Slavic Hair

Slavic Hair has long been revered by both beauty professionals and hair extension lovers for its soft, silky texture and unmistakably shiny, natural gloss.

With huge expertise in Slavic hair and popular hair extension methods, we know exactly how to pick the best products that will satisfy even the most demanding clients. Slavic hair is not for everyone - its unique combination of natural beauty and luxury is reserved only for women who are not afraid to be the best. The most luxurious hair available on the market.

What else makes Slavic hair so special? This article from our blog will give you a perfect idea of Slavic hair and why it works so well for hair extensions.

PLEASE NOTE that hair extensions cannot be returned or exchanged once the protective seal has been damaged or removed. Refer to our returns & refunds policy to learn more. If you are not sure about the color, texture, or other parameters of your hair extensions, please reach out to our customer support representative. The hair texture, as well as the color of the hair extensions available on our website, may vary slightly from the actual product depending on the settings of your monitor.

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