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Top 5 Cute Silk Scrunchie Hairstyles

Top 5 Cute Silk Scrunchie Hairstyles

Silk scrunchies are back in style in 2022. After years and years of sophisticated hairdos that required hours and hours of styling, we’re finally back to basics. A simple hairstyle perfectly complemented by a mulberry silk scrunchie is this season’s hottest trend.

We've put together a nice selection of the best scrunchie hairstyles so that you could easily experiment with your style and achieve that perfect look you’ve been dreaming of!

Easy Summer Hairstyles with Silk Scrunchies

Summer is the perfect time for wearing silk scrunchies. The hot sun negatively affects the condition of your hair, making it dull, dry, and brittle, which is why it is so important to use high-quality hair accessories, and that includes scrunchies as well.

Unlike regular cotton scrunchies, pure silk scrunchies not only look beautiful but also provide a great deal of protection for natural hair. The fact is that they are made of silk (a 100% natural material) makes them a perfect choice for any hair type, density, and length.

What else makes silk scrunchies great?

  • They never make your hair dry, which is especially important in the summer.
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Completely harmless for your hair: the scrunchie is easy to wear and remove. It ensures soft yet firm fixation tying your hair exactly the way you want it.
  • An ideal solution for achieving any look: from casual and sporty to something romantic and even exotic. Equally great for a date or a business meeting.
  • The most trending hair accessory of 2022! If you don't have a silk scrunchie yet, why not get one today - you will be amazed at how many new interesting hairstyles you’ll be able to achieve with just a silk scrunchie!

100% mulberry silk scrunchies by I Love Slavic Hair


Beware of cheap fakes though - when shopping for a silk scrunchie, it is very important to purchase the one that’s made of 100% mulberry silk, and not some artificial substitute - more on that in this article.

Cute & Trendy Hairstyles to Try

Are silk scrunchies better for your hair than regular cotton ones? Of course, they are!

Here are just a few facts to prove that:

  1. Silk scrunchies never pull out your hair - they are very comfortable to wear to the point where you barely notice them
  2. Silk scrunchies leave no kinks or creases: you can let your hair down at any moment and it will always look perfect
  3. Silk scrunchies never tangle your hair

In addition to all of that, silk scrunchies are highly versatile and suitable for any occasion. Now, let’s talk about how to create a hot scrunchie hairstyle - here are the top 5 ideas.

1. Ponytail

ponytail with silk scrunchie

The low ponytail is really trending now. You can do it easily by brushing your hair (if it’s a bit messy) and making a deep side part. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one styling option: you can also curl your hair to add some volume to your hairstyle.

Although the low tail is generally considered to be the most popular variety, you can go with the high tail as well: it is perfect for sports and everyday styling - don’t be afraid to experiment!

2. Stylish, elegant bun

smooth bun with silk scrunchie

What’s trending now is a perfectly smooth bun with no hair that’s sticking out. To achieve this effect, you should use hairspray and hairpins for additional fixation.

Sure, this does not mean that you should completely abandon sloppy styling: it will look absolutely great on the beach (and we all could use one this summer)!

sloppy styling with silk scrunchie

For even more diversity on your hairstyle, use a silk scrunchie to tie your hair at the top, and then use the rest of the hair to form a braid, which you can then easily wrap over the bun.

3. Half up hairstyle

half up hairstyle with silk scrunchie

Divide your hair into two parts: leave the bottom part loose, and use the top one to create a ponytail.

Another option for this styling is called the top knot: here, you use the upper part of your hair to create a small bun.

top knot with silk scrunchie

You might have seen some women shaving their temples to achieve an even more radical look with this hairstyle, but it’s not a thing anymore - the days of daring experiments are over.

If you prefer something more traditional, then you can slightly curl the loose hair with a conical curling iron to add more volume to the hairstyle.

4. Double ponytail

double ponytail with silk scrunchie

Another simple yet effective hairstyling option is to collect your hair in a mid ponytail with a scrunchie and then add another scrunchie to create a low ponytail. This is an interesting twist on the traditional ponytail idea and always looks fresh.

5. Braids

braid with silk scrunchies

A hairstyle that’s highly popular among celebrities. Here, you create thin braids on the sides while the rest of the hair can be left loose or gathered in a ponytail or bun - and that’s where you are going to need small silk scrunchies.

If you don't mind experimenting a little with the look, you can tie a small scarf over your hair.

braids with small silk scarf

Speaking of scarves: since braids have got really popular recently, you can also weave a scarf right into one of them and secure it with a nice little natural silk scrunchie that will hold your hair tightly.

Where to Buy Silk Scrunchies?

If you’re thinking “where can I buy silk scrunchies?”, think I Love Slavic Hair! We offer a wide variety of stylish hair accessories, including large silk scrunchies and sets of three small scrunchies coming in different colors.

I Love Slavic hair silk scrunchies set

All of our scrunchies are made of 100% mulberry silk to guarantee you the ultimate satisfaction, care, and style. We ship silk scrunchies across the US and Canada - orders yours today!   

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