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Janeke Wavy Сomb Silver

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Here comes the comb you’ve been dreaming of! Designed and manufactured by the famous Italian brand Jäneke 1830, this comb is perfect for detangling and styling all types of hair.

Like most Jäneke products, this is not your everyday comb. Featuring an instantly recognizable and eye-catching shape, this comb is ideal for gel or balm application during a spa procedure or simply for combing damp hair right after you got out of the shower.

The ergonomic design allows for gentle combing and detangling even thick hair. Compact-sized and lightweight, this wavy comb will fit nicely into your purse or shower bag.

Janeke Large Wide Tooth Comb Features

  • Ideal for any hair type.
  • Ergonomically shaped.
  • Perfect for gel application, styling and detangling wet hair.
  • Stylish silver color.

Dimensions & Weight

Janeke wide tooth comb is compact enough and lightweight enough for you to take it everywhere you go.

Width: 0.5 cm (0.2 inches)

Length: 18 cm (7.1 inches)

Depth: 5 cm (2 inches)

Weight: 23 grams

Color: silver

Package Includes: 1x Janeke comb

Get a beautiful Janeke wavy comb now!

A perfect present for a friend, relative, or your lovely self, Jäneke wavy comb is guaranteed to become a powerful weapon in your beauty arsenal.

Please note that hair combs are non-returnable due to sanitary reasons.

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