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Black Janeke Mixed Bristle Brush with Nylon and Boar Bristles Medium

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This gorgeous pneumatic mixed-bristle brush is a must-have accessory for looking after your hair extensions. Designed and manufactured by the legendary Italian brand Jäneke 1830, it combines style and practicality like no other.

Due to the combination of nylon and boar bristles (hence, the “mixed-bristle” in its name), this brush is perfect for detangling even the most rebellious hair. 

As the brush gently slides down your hair extensions, the nylon bristles detangle your hair without damaging the keratin bonds or tapes while the boar bristles help to bring out the natural shine. 

As a result, your hair extensions are always in perfect shape - detangled and shining, which is important when you’re about to have a reapplication procedure.

Hair Extensions Brush Features

  • Classic-shaped mixed-bristle brush for everyday use.
  • Ideal for looking after hair extensions.
  • Mid-sized and compact - great for travel.
  • The winning combination of nylon and boar bristles.
  • Glossy black finish.

Dimensions & Weight

Janeke pneumatic mixed bristle brush with nylon and boar bristles is compact enough and lightweight enough for you to take it everywhere you go.

Width: 5 cm (2 inches)

Length: 17 cm (6.7 inches)

Depth: 3.5 cm (1.4 inches)

Weight: 53 grams

Color: black

Package Includes: 1x Janeke medium size hair extensions brush.

Please note that hairbrushes are non-returnable due to sanitary reasons.

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