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Heat Protector Shields with Scale Mark for Fusion Hair Extensions

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A must-have fusion hair extensions styling tool, these heat protector shields with a scale mark tip ensure a comfortable and safe hair extension experience for your clients.

When we talk about hair extensions, safety and comfort should always come first. Since the keratin bond hair extension procedure involves some rather high temperatures, your clients are going to need protection and nothing can do it better than these round heat protector shields.

Strong and durable, these shields provide an excellent template guide for application, as well as heat protection for your client’s hair and scalp. 

Transparent, flexible plastic allows you to see clearly the hair you are working on at the moment + you can use them to separate equal distances between har extension strands you are applying.

Heat Protector Shields Feature

  • Keep the glue off your client’s scalp and provide excellent heat protection.
  • Easy to use due to the single-hole application.
  • Work well with all major hot fusion hair extension techniques.
  • Comes in a 25-pcs heat insulation sheet protector shield pack

Product specifications

Material: PVC

Diameter: 5.5 cm (2.2)

Color: clear/transparent

Weight: approx. 22 grams (25 pcs.)

Package Includes: 25x heat protector shields

How to use Fusion Heat Protector Shields

  1. Attach the shield to hair at the line where the extensions are going to be installed. 
  2. Pull through a strand of hair that matches the size and weight of the extension weft. Bond the keratin as directed. 
  3. When you’re finished with the bond, slide the hair out through the hole.

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