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Fusion Hair Extensions Kit

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Why buy separate tools together one by one when they all can be conveniently purchased as a single kit? If you are serious about fusion hair extensions, then this Pro kit is exactly what you’re looking for - a great way to save money and get everything you need in one place.

Hot fusion hair extension kits are an ideal choice for hair professionals who want to start doing fusion hair extensions and are looking for a salon grade starter pack. In addition to this, our fusion extensions kit can be used by beauty professionals who provide reapplication services for hair extensions and make new bonds.

Our specialists have collected all the tools you might need and put them together in a convenient kit format. All of these tools have been tried and tested, and they are guaranteed to provide you with long years of quality service.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Kit Features

  • Great-money saving option: you get to save an extra $10 purchasing a pre-bonding toolkit.
  • Suitable for both beauty salon use and home use.
  • Quality, tried-and-tested tools.

Package includes

1 x iron for keratin bonds

1 x 25 pcs set of heat protection shields with a scale mark

1 x removing pliers for hair extensions

1 x U-shaped pliers for hair extensions

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