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Cold Blonde #60 Russian Fusion Hair Extensions (pre-bonded)

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Russian hair is the most recognized and sought-after type of hair that’s available on the market. Due to the ideal balance of quality and price, it is highly respected by beauty professionals from all over the world.

Russian hair works great with hot fusion extensions. It is a perfect choice for women with medium-to-low hair density.

Every single strand is 100% handcrafted and this is our primary advantage. The handcrafting approach allows us to achieve evenly and precisely spread hair in every bond to ensure that there is no hair shedding or bond breakage. As a result, the client will always come to a reapplication procedure with exactly the same amount of strands that were initially applied.

We use high-quality Italian transparent and colored keratin to match the color of natural hair.

The precise amount of keratin, handmade micro-bonds, and attention to every single detail - that's how we get perfect hair for flawless hair extensions.

The package includes: 93 grams of pre-bonded Russian hair (micro bonds 0.5-0.7 grams per strand).
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Russian Keratin Tip Hair Extensions Features

  • amazing hair quality (up to 4 reapplication procedures with proper care and application)
  • hair is soft and NOT processed with a silicone
  • top-quality, high melting point Italian colored keratin (waterproof)
  • hand-made micro-bonds that are comfortable and discreet. We also can make standard-sized (1 gram per strand) bonds - please contact us for details.
  • the most gentle and safe type of hair extension
  • lightweight strands (completely harmless for your own hair)
  • Russian hair comes dyed. If required, your hair extensions can be dyed and toned any color you like.*
  • all of our fusion hair extensions are made of real human hair, so they look natural and can be treated like your own hair.

* For proper hair coloring, we recommend using professional services. DIY coloring is not recommended as it may damage and shorten the life span of hair extensions. It is done at your risk.

We recommend having a fusion hair extensions reapplication procedure every 3 months. The hair extensions themselves may be re-used up to 4 times by re-attaching new keratin bonds.

About our hair

We offer 100% natural high-quality Russian hair of medium-to-fine hair structure. The hair boasts a truly amazing, healthy shine. During the initial hair processing procedure, we make sure the individual hairs are aligned properly (follicle to follicle). This allows our hair extensions to blend in with your own hair perfectly creating a seamlessly natural look and feel.

To achieve the highest quality, raw hair is collected from local donors in Russia and Ukraine, after which the hair is sorted, washed, disinfected, and dyed in strict accordance with European standards.

You can choose between straight and wavy hair. Please refer to the FAQ section for more info.

PLEASE NOTE that hair extensions cannot be returned or exchanged once the protective seal has been damaged or removed. If you are not sure about the color, texture, or other parameters of your hair extensions, please reach out to our customer support representative. The hair texture, as well as the color of the hair extensions available on our website, may vary slightly from the actual product depending on the settings of your monitor.